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Common Terms used in Trade Room

DT = Down Trend
LOD = Low of Day
HOD = Hight of day
SHOD = Stop high of day
SLOD = Stop low of day
H/S = Head and shoulders chart formation
SS = Short Sale (short the stock)
Pull = Stock sold off quickly
Rip = Stock going parabolic
Pop = Stock went up quickly, .15-.5 on a bid
Next Spot = Next resistance area on chart aka the chart has ROOM to this area, typically the chart will push up into the resistance spot if the volume is there. (always take some money into the spots)
Former = Former runner. Usually, a .01-$10 stock that goes parabolic fairly quickly and has had a history of running up quickly
Keep on radar = put the chart up on side charts, watch for volume to come in
Take some = take some profits (sell)
mm = Market Makers
b = Buy
s = Sell
pig = typically low floats or smaller stocks that move up in higher percentages because they get over crowded by retail buying on PR or MOMO
Flush= pull at the open, stocks will come down
Squeeze= Push at the open or Pop at the open to the Upside
ShortsToCover= Stock will push out of the gate
RIP out of the Gate= Stock will rise long out of the gate strong
itm = in the money
SNAP = Means it pulled HARD!!!
Shellacking Means Being Punch in the Face (per Joel A)
Leap means is expiration that’s over a year out (Options Calls/Puts)
R/R = Reward to Risk Ratio
+ve = Positive
-ve = Negative
d/g = Downgrade
u/g = Upgrade

Topping – when the stock price is not going up higher and appears to be exhausted and start going down
Stack the Tape –  Sometimes when momentum slows down algo’s/traders will put a large sell order stacked above the current ask. That way small time traders get scared and try to beat the big sell by selling their shares below the big ask price
LOTTO = options that EXPIRE THE SAME DAY .. so it is like playing the lottery