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1) $RKDA Gaping up for another play in it for us (47.99)
Stock gapping up +$5 I like to see this at $52 think we see a solid pop at open thru $60+ then look for a nice 10-20 point pullback watch bottom curl then we can play it again for long if it shows us if higher highs begin to set in. I like this to touch $60+ no matter what!

2) $CHFS Former runner getting love this morning (3.98)
Stock Gapping up +.50 would like to see this get moving today if we get a small pop at open towards $5 look for the sell off and gap fill it back to $4.25 and under if this pulls at open gap fills quick go long and bounce it

3) $DDD Earnings Beat (12.15) Just short it nothing more to say!
Stock Gapping up +$1.25 any pop at open is simply a gap fill short, enjoy., Higher the pop better the fade!

4) $SLDB Clinical Hold (26.31) jPM has a $9PT on this, this morning expect more downgrades through out the day
Stock Gapping down -$16 I like to see this just sell off today under $9.50-$10 before any real bounce, if however this breaks out at open thru $11 go long play it for 1-2 points top it off then look to short it all day fader, more it pops better then fade if this yanks at open to $9 go LONG and bounce it.

5) $ESIO Stifel out this morning with a $36PT BUY rating on it (19.67) SWING IDEA
Stock Gapping up +$1.10 Let this rip at open then lean into it short and gap fill this back to $19.80 or under then go long on it, I would love to see this get to $21.50-$22 then get in there short with size and drop the hammer for quick money, if this pulls at open and gap fills go long this will be an all day slow move to the upside

6) $SMTC Earnings BEAt (34.90)
Stock Gapping up +$2.5 to me any pop at open is a short so if you want to take a few now at $37.50 room to add at open I think this sells off and gap fills back to $35.50 and under then look to go LONG this. More it pops at open better the sell off on the short side

7) $WSM Earnings Beat (53.70)
Stock Gapping up +$2 I like to see small squeeze at the open towards $56-$57 then watch for some tpping on it then look for this to sell off some back down to $54.50 and under on profit taking, if this pulls at open cover it and look for this to bounce off the $54-$54.50 level back to highs

8) $DG Earning Beat (89.20) We saw DLTR traders beat so it was pretty obvious $DG would beat
Stock Gapping up +8 I like to see a litt more pop at open towards $98+ then look for a decent sell off gap fill to $92 and under, if this pulls at open at all on sell off $92 should be the spot that curls it so look for a nice pop and pullback then go long for morehighs

9) $ALXN Phase 3 Primary endpoints met + $172PT Suntrust (122.68)
Stock Gapping up +$13 look for this to pop at open maybe get to $140-$145 then look for this to pullback a few back down to $130 and under on profit taking then slow move back to highs, imo there will be some profit taking, I’m hoping this may just pullback at open to the $130 and under area THEN we can do long with decent size and ride it up, should get mutiple upgrades today

10) $BA This should rebound after the sell off yesterday (320.26) Investors love BA so look for fresh money to come in
Stock Gapping up +$3.75 I like to nibble a little long here at $332 give in range if this pulls at open towards $325 will add or if you want just wait for this to dip if it does expect this to be bought up all day today think we see $340+ on this today

Notable Calls:

$CTRP Earnings Mixed(48.79) Gaping down -2.5 I think in the end this just gets bought back up to $48.50+ investors like this company a lot so if this pulls at all at the open expect a nice play on this back to highs, any dip at open to $46 level and under is a BUY

$PTI IMO this is gaping up on #ER + reiterate News (6.55) Like to see quick pop at open maybe we get to $8.5-$9 then look for a nice sell off on it back to $7-$7.25 and under think this is last minute ditch to keep number up and volume to get decent ATM

$LJPC #OFFERING this is small one only 3.4mil 100Million (29.84) Gaping up +$1.5 already on this one this will be bought up quick so look for a quick pull at open hopefully anything $30-$30.50 at open let it play out for an hour or 2 then nibble long add on dips if they come and play to the upside on it.