Pre Market Game Plan

Pre Market Game Plan by AJ – 3/23/18

1) $PLCE BofA Tags a $115 PT from $175 on d/g to Underperform (132.00)
Stock gapping down -$5 any pop at open towards $129-$130+ on a gap fill look for all day short on it, if this yanks at open to $125 and under go long and look for this to bounce back on short covering to $130 then short it all day

2) $PGNX extends review of new drug (8.36) Extend a review = buy the dip and play it long
Stock Gapping down -$1.50 I would go LONG at $7 spot and look for this to pop at open to $7.75 to $8 on gap fill. I believe this will simply get bought up at the open on weakness. Should be fun.

3) $KR POP and drop on false WMT rumors (23.39)
Stock Gapping up +$1 would look to hort any pop at open and look to gap fill it back to $23.50 and under, thiink this just pops and fades on it

4) $AOI Positive article in cannaninves (25.05)
Stock Gapping up +$4 I would lean into this short and look to simply gap fill it back to $25.50 or under, more it pops at open better the fade on it. should be fun filling the gap

5) $WLL Looking for more on this today towards $35-$36 once this gets going again (33.26)
Stock Gapping up +1.20 hit $34.45 this is excellent for continuation today. Any pullback at the open to $33 and under is a solid play towards $34.50-35+ today. I like it to continue upwards

6) $CRSP I want this at $50.50 or under to go long, everyday good or bad for 5 days straight $50.50 and under is payday (52.10)
Stock Gapping down -$1 Like to see small pop at open then flush to $50.50 or under then look to go long on it for a nice 2-3 point paycheck

7) $ABBV Mutiple downgrades this morning most notable BMO at $80 PT (98.10)
Stock Gapping NONE would actually get in short at $98 level room to $100 think this gets small pop followed by an all day sell off on it to lows. I like to see this hit $90-$92 today on the downgrades

8) $SGH Earnings Beat (44.07)
Stock Gapping up +$4.75 I would actually nibble some SHORT here at $49.75 look for thin pop at open maybe see $51 and top it off and then look to see this gap fill back to $45.50 and under, if this simply dumps at open look to cover it and wait for the bottom curl around $45 area, it will bounce from there.

9) $SQ Down grade by Craig Hallum to SELL $37PT (55.16)
Stock Gapping down -1.60 I would love to see a small pop at open and short cover to $54.75+ then lean into it short for a potentiall all day fader to $52 and under on this, if this yanks at open to $52 and under and we even see $51 go LONG and bounce it back slow to $54+ In the end I dont think this will have much affect on the stock today

10) $DBX IPO Today Priced 36 Million at $21 a share today
Stock Gapping NONE debuting today. If this stocks opens above $27 I would be VERY cautious about playing it, this is over subscribed BUT this is up way to much imo. If we get lucky and get close to $22-$24 I would nibble some long and look for this to run some to $27-possibly $30 area. This is a nice play today if we get it to open good I like to see it open with 7-10 million

Notable Calls:

$SHOP I overnighted this at $145 from yesterday looking for a quick pop at open to $148+ then looking for a nice possible all day sell off on it if this pulls to $142-$143 I will add on my position and look for a nice play on it to $147-$148 remember yesterday we caught a nice upgrade on it.

$YY Gapping up +$1 (118.48) I like to see small pop at open maybe thru $120 after yesterdays sell off then look for a nice pullback maybe hit $115 and under then look to go long on it for a nice 5-7 point bounce on the pullback

$TOPS doing 10/1 spilt on Monday (.17) took a few long at .25 will add on any pull at open to .17 add to my position and then look for a nice little run, would love to see other chats junp on this maybe we see .50 cents