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1) $SHPG SHPG out this morning indicating no one has contacted them about and offer (128.67)
Stock gapping up +35 imo this should be an all day slow fader back to $135-$140 especially if its true about being contacted or not on the offer, so watch the news wires, but if this small pops at open I think this will be short lived followed by a nice sell off I’m looking for a pull under $148 to confirm this at the open for the fade, so wait for the pullback on it at the open

2) $MGNX #OFFERING 4.5million at $21.25 Stock was $26+ 3 days ago (23.60)
Stock Gapping down this is a BUY BUY BUY at $21.50 and under this morning it sat there forever now moving up, but if this pull at open anything at $21.50-$21.75 pick it up and if it drops more add to it this will quick fill and move back up imo

3) *******$ADMS BofA Tags a BUY rating with a $39PT (23.73) Thanks Craig SWING TRADE
Stock Gapping none, on yesterdays horrific sell off, think today it rebounds nicely back up towards $24.50-$25 and resumes what its suppose to do. I am swinging this myself and will be looking for a nice push or add on weakness if it comes

4) $ALDR Mizhuo Talks a BUY rating on this with $29PT (11.50) SWING IDEA
Stock Gapping none this is a great PT and upgrade with lots of room. Stock should pop at open to $12.50 then watch for decent pullback on it then look for a nice slow all day move to the upside looking for $14-$15 by Friday or Monday anything under $12 imo is imo is a bargain

5) $SONC Issues mixed earnings with terrible guidance (25.34)
Stock Gapping down -$1.20 imo this will be a small pop and all day slow sell off, if this pulls at open to $22.50-$23 area look to go long and buy some play the pop, normally SONC gets bought up on weakness but today with market pulling it should come down and sell off

6) $LULU Earnings Beat and raises guidance (78.71) MultipleĀ upgrades thru $90 today
Stock Gapping up +$6 any pop at the open imo would be a sell off so if this pop at open to $86-$88 watch for topping then look to gap fill this back to $80-$81 and under then look to go long the stock

7) $RH Earnings Beat should sell off in a weak market (75.31)
Stock Gapping up +$10 watch for a pop at open followed by a decent sell off to $$78-$79 and under, if this market sells off again look for this to have a nice fader on it before going long, I think we see alot of profit taking at the open to drag this down the more it squueze at the open, just watch the topping and look for this to come down

8) $ALXN JPM pounding the table to BUY on weakness sees 50% or more upside (108.33) Build a #SWING Position
Stock Gapping up +.70 would take some long here at $109 give it room, even if this falls to $105 would average in and look for this to make a nice slow move towards $112-$115 JPM is pounding the table on this. If this pops at open towards $111-$112 then look to scale in short and gap fill it back down to $108-$109 then look to long it, let it set up for us

9) $MDGL *OVERNIGHTED this baby at $103 area today Positive news out stock up +8 (104.55)
Stock Gapping up +7 look for this to pop at open towards $113-$115 if it then look for the profit taking sell off to $105-$106 area then look to go long on it should have a nice day on it back to $118+ remember Goldman has a $190 PT on this one

10) $BLUE News with $CELG collaborating together (175.20) Another solid overnight stock should rebound
Stock Gapping up +$5 look for solid pop at open maybe we see $182-$185 then look for a nice gap fill profit taking pullback to $178 area and under then look to go long on it, if this pulls at open for any reason to $176-$177 or under look to go long on it.

Notable Calls:

$EDGE Miss primary endpoint phase 3 (15.59) This is death to a stock, imo any pop or short cover at the open could sueeze it to $2.50-$3 but it must break $2.10-$2.20 to get there otherwise just a pop and all day fader

$CRSP Yesterdays horrific sell off (44.00) Gaping up +$1.40 lets see if it rebounds or pulls more and we buy the wekaness on a nice bounce

$BZUN Gaping up on Market up +$1.5 (44.79) look to short this gap up at $46 add on pops and look for this to fade back to $45 area and under then look to go long on it