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1) $LEDS I see this making a nice move off of $5 today (4.30) Nice job Spartan and O_edi
Stock gapping up +.70 I would like a nice pop at the open towards $6-$6.50 then a nice snap and pullback to $5 and under on it then look for some bottom curl volume on it then look for a nice all day potential play, this is a former runner traders so can get going to $7 or more.

2) $VHC won $500 Million suit with AAPL (4.10)
Stock Gapping up +$1.20 typical VHC simply fills there gap on profit taking so look for it to pop pop and then fade back down to $4.50 and under, many many bag holders on this one, so don’t look for any fireworks imo

3) $SPPI Gapping up HUGE after hours (20.76) and even this morning
Stock Gapping up +$2 this morning, look for this to gap fill some at the open back to $21 and under watch for any huge pop a open if this gets thru $21.50 this could run fast to $23-$24 in a hurry before giving back some. If this yanks hard look for a $20 an under before this bounces

4) **$YNDX Negative Russian Headlines (33.99) This eventually will bounce traders imo I would be buying the wekaness today
Stock Gapping down -$2 If this pulls at open at all to $32.50 or under would consider buying the weaknessa all the way to $30 spot, I think once the dust settles with Russia this will have a nice bounce, remember this was $40 a few days ago

5) *****$AVAV Stifel out big this morning with a $65PT (46.37) SWING and or BUY 50 weekly Calls on it
Stock Gapping up +$2 I love the call like to see quick pop at opened followed by a nice snap on it gap fil it back to $46.50 area and under then look to go long on the bottom curl for an all day slow move towards $50-$52

6) $FAST Earnings Mixed disappointed investors however CCall is coming up (54.42)
Stock Gapping down -$2 remember sell or short into the call, then LONG the call as the CEO speaks let it push back up to possibly $53.50-$54 then look to fade it back down.

7) $MZOR Gapping down on Market pull (60.13)
Stock Gapping down -$1.30 I like to see small pop followed by a nice fader to $55-$56 on it before we find bottom, his is a freindly trader when it gaps down, pretty predictable, so watch for the fade on it, when we get to $55-$56 nibble some LONG for a nice slow all day move back to the upside, wait for it to set up.

8) $YY Gapping down on Market pulling, (98.29)
Stock Gapping down -$2 I think small pop then followed by a decent short into it look to fade this back to $92 and under then buy the bottom curl on it then look to go long on it. If this pops at open and fills the gap SHORT IT!!!!!!!!!!! You will bank 3-4pts

9) $AGIO Credit Suisse raises to BUY rating with a $95PT from $90 (83.46)
Stock Gapping none, no MM’s on it at the moment, think this opens above $85-$86 then slams back down to $82 and under then watch for bottom curl on it then look to go long, OK to buy som 88 May calls on the dip when it pulls

10) $NFLX Goldman Sachs upping PT to $350 ahead of Earnings (298.07) They know something we don’t
Stock Gapping up +$3 I like to see even more pop at open maybe we get $303+ then look for a nice gap fill sell off I think we get $297 and under then lets see if the market holds and we slowly move higher on it. Market will help fuel this, if market pulls more this will come down more before legging up BUYING 310 Calls this morning weekly doesnt seem to be a bad idea

Notable Calls:

$MDGL When Market is down this has range, 1 of my favorite stocks (116.74) look for this to open below $114 at the open thin stock look to short it to $110 or under watch for bottom curl then look to go long, I will be buying the weakness on this stock today if the market pulls it, yesterday ran 12 points to the upside.

$INO awarded up to $56 million in CEPI to advance DNA (4.76) Stock sitting at $5.04 would nibble some long this is a nice upfront paycheck to help on there Phase 2 clinical Trail may have room to $5.50-$6 risk to $4.75

$******CBAY Positive 12-26 wk results (12.07) Gapping up +$1.30 look for a small pop at open maybe we get thru $14 on it then watch for lower lows and possible gap fill fade on it, HOWEVER if this pops at open hard thru $14 cash out some and look for even more of a $SPPI type play on it if other rooms pick up on this one (Former Runner)