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1) $CYAD Gaping up on Phase1″Case Study” Are you kidding me (29.99)
Stock gapping up +$8 if you can get any shares SHORT lean into this and look for an all day fader back to $31 and under.

2) $OAS to join the S&P MidCap 400 Positive for Investors Traders (10.61) LONG some at $10.95 will add on dips and hold
Stock Gapping up +.30 this should receive a nice welcome and head towards $11.50-$12 on this great news for this company, if this dips at open will add on it if it gap fills and play it out all day

3) $MNOV gapping up on additional clinical data (11.53)
Stock Gapping up +$2 would take some short if you can and add on any pop out of the gate towards $14+ then look for all day sell off and gap fill to $12 and under.

4) $FLEX Earnings Miss (16.64)
Stock Gapping down -$3 if this pops at open to $13.80- would nibble a few LONG and run it to $14.50-$15 then look for an all day bleeder on it, if this pulls at open to $12.50 and under watch for bottom curl on it and look for a nice gap fill to $14 on short covering then look to fade it all day

5) $ACAD issues a nice well written statement to back up the over zealous CNN sell off (15.12) still holding some at $15.50
Stock Gapping up +.60 I like to see this pop right out of the gate and just get moving towards $16-$16.50 there statement was well written and I think it warrents a nice solid move back to $16.50 to $17 still holding a few at $15.50 will add on dips if they come

6) $BOOM Earnings Beat (31.65)
Stock Gapping up +$4 I like the beat, I would like to see a little more squeeze on this at the open maybe thru $36.50+ then watch for some topping then nibble a few short and look for some gap fill pullback profit taking to $33 and under, if this yanks at open I think $33 and under is it and this will begin to move up from there, they should catch some decent upgrades today on their beat

7) $BJRI Earnings Beat (49.55)
Stock Gapping +$5 I like the beat but up way too much I woul dtry and get some SHORT here at $53.80 area room to $55 at the open and look for this to have a nice gap fill pullback on it to $51.50 and under, beat was ok, but not enough to pop and maintain this gap up

8) $ELLI Earnings Beat (90.15) NOTE $ELLI tends to pop and sell off there gains so be aware of that (90.15)
Stock Gapping up +$9 If you can get a few short at $98-$99 have some room to $100 at the open then look for a fader on it to $92.50 and under then look for bottom curl then go long, ***Key Banc out with a $130PT” so be aware of that, but in the end I think this pops fades and then bottom curls

9) $EXPE Earnings Beat (106.35) Note: $EXPE tends to fill there gaps so be aware of that
Stock Gapping up +$14 I like to short some at $118 with room to add to $120-$121 at the open be patient with it I think this gives back all the way to $110 and under before any kind of leg up. Hopefully market will yank this down a little but keep an eye on the short side

10) $BIDU Impressive Earnings Beat (238.69) $SINA $MOMO $WB will all get pops out of the gate on this $BIDU beat so look for a short
Stock Gapping up +$15 POINTS I would prefer for this to pop a little more to $254-$255+ if it comes on a short squeeze then look for this to fade off and gap fill to $243 and under on profit taking, if this pulls at open look for the $243 area imo on it then look to go long. This was a nice beat so I don’t expect a full gap fill but just enough to get us a few solid points

Notable Calls:

$INTC Earnings Beat (53.05) Great Beat but always be aware INTC likes to fill there gaps on earnings (53.05) IMO this double topped at $57 would have leaned into it then and look for a nice sell off to $54 and under then go long, if this pops again to $57 watch the topping then get it again. in the end, I think this gap fills first then goes long on it

$GNPX Gapping up gearing up for another possible run to $15-$17 on it (11.00) Gapping up +$2.5 if this pops at open thru $14 consider chasing a few for a quick 1-1.5points before getting out, if this pulls at all at the open to $11.50-$11.90 and under would consider buying some and looking for another solid run in it for 3-4 points *RISKY TRADE but played right can be rewarding”