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1) $BLNK IMO this was a run this morning off of the $7.75 spot to $8.50 (6.98)
Stock gapping up +$1.53 in order for this to continue look for another pop at open towards $8.50 if it breaks that then we get $9 if it begins to pull at open to $7.90 look for this to gap fill on it imo for a slow fader

2) $JNCE Horrific Abstract News (17.67)
Stock Gapping down -$6 think we get a pop towards $13-$14 at the open on short covering then look to lean into this short and look to fade it all day long back to lows, mutiple downgrades already seeing as low at $11-$13 on it

3) $ACXM Earnings Miss (27.56)
Stock Gapping down -$3 think this simply gap fills at the open back to $26.50-$27 area then top it off then look for a potential slow fader all day back to lows

4) $BZUN Earnings Beat (45.06)
Stock Gapping up +$2 I think we get a solid pop at open towards $50+ if it comes then look for a small pullback maybe back to $46 area then bottom curl it then look to go long. this will have a good day in it

5) $NKTR Down results not impressive should get hurt today (85.80)
Stock Gapping down -$5 I like to see small pop at open maybe we get $82+ on it then we fade it all day long, if this pulls at open this will flush to $75 and under so be careful Traders

6) $JACK Mixed Earnings (91.37)
Stock Gapping down -$3 I like to see small pop at open towards $90 then look to fade it off, JACK typically fills there gaps if this pulls at open to $86 and under watch for this to bottom curl on it then look to go long on it and grab a few points

7) $LOXO Phase 1 positive results (139.50) Stifel out with as $190 PT already
Stock Gapping up +$26 this hit $165 yesterday that clearly was your short opportunity this is a Phase 1 ….Let me repeat that Phase 1 so any pop at the open imo is a short opportunity watch for lower lows if this runs back to $165-$170 let it then top it off and short this back down I think in the end we see $150 or a tad under on it

8) $BPMC Gapping down on positive $LOXO results (86.38)
Stock Gapping down -$6 I would nibble a few LONG on it give it room to $78 think this comes back to $82.50-$83+ on it. Its being punished on another drugs results so watch for some gap fill on it

9) $NTES Mixed Earnings (266.00)
Stock Gapping down -$20 points I like to see a nice little pop at open thru $250-$253+ if it comes on short covering thne watch for topping should fade back down all day, if this yanks hard at open watch the $240 level as a BUYING opportunity

10) $PS NEW IPO DEBUTING TODAY (0.00) Priced 20.7million at $15 “Oversubscribed”
Stock Gapping none, on this one I would like to see $18 and under open I think we see a solid $20-$22 on this once it gets going we need 5million or more to open, If it opens above $22+ I will watch on the sidelines

Notable Calls:

$WWE Guggenheim out with notes with $48PT (43.59) stock already running but out with idea that WWE will most “likely” get TV rights renewal to me its already hit the $48 target and is a speculation think any pop towards $49-$50 at the open is a short slow fader back to $45 or under.

$CNI BofA out with an upgrade to BUY with $93PT from 72 (83.18) This has been bought into the last 5 days so watch for the pop at open to $85 then scale in short and ride this back down, imo this should come to at least $82 area and under.

$RARE Meet Primary endpoint Phase 3 (63.94) Gapping up +$2.10 Not much of a gap up but should get a pop possibly to $68-$70 area then look for this to sell off 3-5 points to the downside