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1) $AVGR Receives FDA clearance on there device (1.29) Small Cap Chatrooms will push this crap today
Stock Gapping up +.65 think we see move thru $2-.$2.50 possibly at the open then look for topping on it then look for decent profit taking pullback on it and fade it, IF this pulls at open hard to $1.50 and under watch the whipsaw and buyers may come in and this could run nice today. One to watch for sure………..

2) $VNDA Citi puts a BUY rating with a $26Pt (16.80)
Stock Gapping NONE, no MM’s on it yet, look for this to open to $18 then look to go short and gap fill it back down to $17 and under then look to go long on it for an all day slow move to the upside

3) $CARA Develops and Commercialize CR485 also work with Vifor gets 50 mil upfront (11.60)
Stock Gapping up +$3 would scale in some short at $14 level room to add on the pop at the open think this ends up just fading right back down to $12 and under on the news

4) $MYOK Prices 3.75 Million at $49 (50.35) took a starter at $49.45 will give it room to $48.50 if it comes
Stock Gapping down -.50 Like to see a nice sell off and pull to $49 and under then look to grab a few long this has already bounced twice this morning I think the sell off to $49 level and under will give us a nice play for a quick point or more Offering is small

5) $ESPR Phase 3 Primary endpoint met (39.74) Personally I think news is 50/50 think there trying to save grace.
Stock Gapping up +.90 would take a few LONG here at $40 area then see if it pops at open to $42+ are then top it off and short it back down to $39.50 and under, if this pulls at open to $38 spot look to go long on it for a 2 point bounce

6) $RRGB Earnings Miss However think this weakness down here gets bought up and we settle at $48+ (57.95)
Stock Gapping down -$11.70 I would consider nibbling long some here at $46.35 with room to add on the pull at the open and look for a decent short covering pop back to $47+ then look for possible slow grind, I took a nibble LONG already at $46.35 will give this room not afraid of the pullback and looking for that short covering squeeze and investors to pick up the weakness at $45 Level

7) $CTRP Earnings Beat. Nice job Ray Nevel on finding this before it happened doing homework (43.44)
Stock Gapping up +1.35 I like to see small pop at open thru $45+ level then scale in short and gap fill it back down to $43.50 and under then look to go long on it for a all day slow move to the upside. I think we see some profit taking on this before going LONG on it

8) $TGT Earnings Miss (75.47)
Stock Gapping down -$4 Think this weakness will be bought up today so watch anything under the $70 level if it comes and grab a few think $TGT settles around the $73-$74 level today. More it pulls better the opportunity

9) $RL Earnings Beat (116.61) This will catch the shorts off guard today no doubt (116.61)
Stock Gapping up +$6 look for small pop at open to $124-$126 area if it comes then look for a nice gap fill sell off to $119 and under then look to go long on it, I think this will squeeze then fade off some on profit taking so look for it

10) $TIF Beat all around plus Buy back (102.24) All time highs
Stock Gapping up +$14 I think we see a pop to $120+ at the open and any sell off think most it will go down is maybe $110 and a tad under, but right now LONG at $117 area looking for that $120+ pop at the open make sure you take some money along the way this is a high flyer

Notable Calls:

$BNFT 2.5 Million Offering by JP Morgan at $33.50-$34 (35.20)
Stock gapping down -$2 would take some long at $33.20 and under add on dips if they come and hold it all day and even into tomorrow as this gets filled and goes back to $34.50-$35 Took 1k shares at $33.10 average

$SNES Gapping up on No news, Chats trying to load on something (1.27) Gapping up +.40 think small pop at open followed by a decent gap fill pullback down to $1.40 and under, if this pulls at open then look for a nice .40 cents or more sell off for quick money

$URBN Earnings Miss (41.21) Gapping sown -$1.50 look for a push at the open towards $41 or more then look to fade it off