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1) $ZTO 1.38 Billion dollar Investment from $BABA…..Let me repeat that 1.38 Billion dollar investment (19.30)
Stock Gapping up +$2 took a few long nibble at $21.60 gonna see if we get a squeeze at the open, didn’t take size cause it already up but this investment imo is huge and should justify a nice solid pop on it, if this gap fills at the open to $19.75 and under I will add to my position and see if this gets going. Should be interesting to say the least

2) $TRXC FDA Clearance (3.13) To me Clearance means SHORT nothing more
Stock Gapping up $1 I would look to short at $4 and any pop at the open then look for a nice all day fader on this imo

3) $TTOO FDA Clearance (8.87) Think this +$1 gap was already expected and built in already
Stock Gapping up +$1.50 think this simply gap fills back to $9 and under then look to go long some at the open on it and see if we get .50 cents or more on it at the open

4) $ROKU Morgan Stanley out with a $38PT LOL (38.54)
Stock Gapping up +$1 I would short this gap up at $39.60 level with room to add at the open towards $40+ then look for this to fade off and fully gap fill back to $38.60 and under then look for a nice all day slow move to the upside

5) $MOMO Earnings Beat (38.95)
Stock Gapping up +$5 like to see solid pop at the open towards $45 then flag on it then another push, think we get another quick short squeeze push like $BZUN did so watch the flag break out, if this pulls at open to $41 and under just watch the buyer come in and this flag and run to highs

6) $AMWD Earnings Beat HUGE!!!! Look at the numbers (88.55)
Stock Gapping up +.11 points I like to see a pop thru $100-$102+ at the open then look for a nice slow fader back down to $95 and under then look for a slow all day move back to highs, this should get squeezed hard at the open imo so be ready

7) $OLED APPLE decides to go with $OLED vs anyone else!!! GAME CHANGER!!!!!! Doesn’t get bigger then this
Stock Gapping up +$16 this should pop more at the open possibly to $120+ then look for some pullback on it, not sure how much this will come down, could hit $108-$110 then bottom curl on it and go long, this is a Game Changer in everyway for this company so look for a solid all day move to the upside on it.

8) $SPLK Think this rebounds today a few points, looking for $114+ on it (110.26)
Stock Gapping down -.20 took a few long at $110.15 average will add on dips going to see if we get a defense bounce here this morning on this back to $114+ this got oversold on Friday imo so looking for this to bounce a little on it

9) $LULU Oppenheimer out with $115PT raise from $90 (106.18) worth a 2 point or more play on this call
Stock Gapping now, look for a quick pop at open towards $108 then fade it back dip it to $105-$106 bottom curl it then back to $108 or more, if this simply pull at open to $104-$105 area go long on it.

10) $CVRR Gapping up for no reason (22.10)
Stock Gapping up +$2.80 I would short this gap up at $24.50+ and fade this back down to $22.50 and under, I do NOT see any significant news on it and don’t see whyt this is up to begin with.

Notable Calls:

$PBR Great weekend short at $12.50 with Spartan +$1.80 this morning nice work Spartan (12.61) I would long this down here at $11 and under and look for a nice short covering gap fill back to $12+ at the open think shorts cover then slow fader on it remember JPM still defending on it. Took a few LOMG at $11 this morning looking for .50 to +$1 at the open then done with it

$MYOK Still holding from Friday nice average at $47.48 will add on dips this morning if they come still looking for a nice $49+ spot on it as this offer continues to get filled, remember the offering was $49 to $49.50 with very little shares

$HMNY Interesting Citadel takes a 5.5% stake or 4.4million shares (.40) Gapping up +.02 Shitty stock but this may spark a tiny .20 cent run on it, and then fade off. I took a few at .42 with .8 cents risk, if this pulls and sells off it will be slow, so plenty of time to get out if it doesn’t run thru .50 cents or more, interesting to me that they are taking a position down here???

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