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1) $DCIX Blowout numbers for this Former runner Tanker (1.64) stock should at least get thru $3+ took $2.27 starter
Stock gapping up +$1 Numbers are impressive look for this to squeeze towards $3+ at the open or more then it will top off then smash it back down quick on profit taking then watch for bottom curl, careful trying to short on these postive earnings numbers this is and has the potential to squeeze. If we get any kind of fade let it show itself as the lower lows set in. Until then be careful.

2) $BLNK I like the fact this ran to almost $7 yesterday (6.24)
Stock Gapping up .20 Like to see this come all the way down to $5.20 and under then look for potential bottom curl on it then slow push to highs, imo this will fake many traders out and those who bought after hours lost most of their money, these MM’s are predictable, this is why I emphasized NOT to play with size, they will pop and rip your heart out and take your money.

3) $ZAGG Earnings Beat great numbers (11.50)
Stock Gapping up +$2 I like to see small pop at open on a squeeze maybe we see $14+ then look for topping on it then look to gap fill this back down to $12.25 and under then watch bottom curl on it then look for slow all day move to the upside, higher the pop better thee fade on it.

4) $AAOI Not impressive Earnings at all (35.13) warned all of you yesterday DO NOT buy this into earnings
Stock Gapping down -$3 I like to see this come down all the way to $30 and under any pop imo at the open on any short covering thru $33.50-$34 to me is a short, I think we simply pop and slowly fade off, if this yanks at open hard to $30-$31 then bounce it nice for 2 points then look to short if back down imo

5) ********$MB Earnings Miss (43.75) imo this is over done……missed by 5 mil Q2 off only 3 mil .02 cents better
Stock Gapping down -$7 I would nibble some long at $36.75 area room to add at the open on any pullback I think we see $39$-$40 at the open before giving back some, IF this pulls hard at the open under $34 go LONG and bounce this baby back up.

6) $MTCH (IAC should and will pop on $MTCH great numbers) Great Numbers on there earnings (36.32)
Stock Gapping up +$2 on blow-out numbers and great guidance look for some sell off on profit taking at the open towards $37 and under then nibble a few long and let this slowly move back towards $39-$40 wait for that illusive bottom curl on it Traders, CCall if going on now so just nibble, but in the end this should be a nice win to the upside

7) $TWLO Earnings Beat (44.35) Mutiple PT increases $57 $66 $55 $50
Stock Gapping up +$3 I like to see small pop at open thru $48.50-$50 if it comes then look for that nice sell off gap fill on profit taking all the way back down to $45.25 and under then look for this to go LONG for a nice all day slow move to the upside on it.

8) $TRIP Earnings Beat (FINALLY) took forever to beat (38.78)
Stock Gapping up +$8 I like to see this pop a little more at the open possibly to $47-$48 imo this should gap fill back down to $40-$1 area or under, I love the beat but think this is up a little to much so keep an eye on some profit taking gap fill before going long with size

9) $WB Earnings slight miss (127.99)
Stock Gapping down -$10 personally I think this is over done down here, but this has been a high flyer for the last 3 months in its build up into earnings, I would consider small pull at open to $115 and under then look for bottom curl go long and bounce it, If this pops at open thru $120 IMO this will run back up to $124-$125 for quick money before giving back down slow. More it pulls better the range

10) $EA Earnings Beat (123.89)
Stock Gapping up +$3 look for this to pop and squeeze a little more at the open possibly to $128-$129 area then lokok for some profit taking pullback on it back down to $124.50-$125 and under then watch for bottom curl then look to go long on it for an all day slow move to the upside

Notable Calls:

$AAXN Earnings Beat HUGE!!! (44.65) Gapping up +$6 look for a little more squeeze at the open mybe we see $52+ on it then look for a nice gap fill sell off profit taking to $46.50 and under then bottom curl then all day move to the upside on it.

$PZZA Earnings Miss (58.73) Gapping down -$2 like to see this pull at open to $55 an under then bottom curl and bounce it 1-2 points more it pulls better the bounce

$****FLR Told you all that wait a day or 2 and one of the Big Boys will buy the bottom and pick this up Guess what BofA is doing just that!(44.67) BofA out this morning with an upgrade to BUY with $58 PT trying to get filled at $45.25 will add on dips look to see this rebound back to $48+ on this call from BofA