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Every day we receive hundreds of reviews from members and followers! We are very fortunate in having the ability to positively impact the life of many through our educational services! Thank you to all that tweet and support us!

From: Zachary R.
To: Anthony

I want to thank you for everything since I’ve joined Awesomecalls. I came from a bad bad place, being down about -$20k in trying to teach myself day trading. I went through the whole interview process with Sykes, right to the last call when I got an “offer” to join his “challenge” which I found out at that moment would cost me another -$6k. I immediately said NO, I cannot afford nor take the chance. I just want to learn how to trade. Period

When I first joined your room for a day, it was overwhelming how many points were presented in the room in only the first 15 minutes of the market being open! It was truly amazing!! Never seen anything like it in my life. I didn’t even know a room like yours existed.

Despite the fact I’m still recovering from my losses from the other room ($) since I’ve joined yours, the amount of knowledge and confidence you’ve given me; I can’t thank you enough. I don’t even have words anymore. I am slowly making my way back, aiming to get to my goals and get rid of my grad school loans, and hoping to quit my side jobs soon.

I am so grateful to have found you and your room of experts who have a plethora of information to share, and support each other to reach their goals. I am so excited to continue learning from you and everyone in the room.

From: Chance A.
To: Anthony

My name is Chance and I am a student at the University of Maryland, College Park. Today was my first day using your chat room on the $25 dollar day pass and I just wanted to let you all at Awesome Calls know that I was thoroughly impressed with everything about this room. From the premarket notes, to the organizational structure of the chat with the MODs, to your live screen share and guidance throughout the day all the way to the closing bell, everything was very on point and knowledgeable. I just started trading last summer and everyday I try to better myself as a young and inexperienced trader through reading, note taking, and live trading and after spending this day at Awesome Calls I believe that this will be the perfect place for me to better myself as a trader. Once I round up some more money I will most definitely be a long term subscriber but I wanted to send this email to thank you and everyone else at Awesome Call for opening my eyes to everything today. Enjoy your evening.

Thank you

From: Jimmie L.
To: Anthony

What’s up Aj?  I hope you are doing well today.  I just wanted to send you a quick note and let you know I have been in your chat room for almost a month now and I have been just watching and observing.  You guys are the real deal man and I intend on being a lifetime subscriber.  I have been in other chat rooms and they are full of B.S.!  I heard you say you once was in the loan business on a large scale and I have a similar background.  I am also a former attorney and I have been teaching myself about stock trading and I have hit a wall as far as progressing my knowledge. I have been starving for knowledge and have been searching for a chat room like  I have made a lot of $$ over the years but ended up losing most of it.  Not going to be the case now, I have a 13 year old son depending on me and I am going to hit this day trading thing hard.  You are my day trading savior right now and I am going to lean on you my man!!!!  AJ, I want to thank you for actually caring about your subscribers.  This just has not been the case in other chat rooms I have been in.  You and the whole team at is simply just a CLASS ACT!!!  I took your 1 on 1 and I am taking Spartan’s today. I look forward to taking yours.

Thanks AJ.


From: Darren K.
To: Anthony

Today is Day 3 and all I can say is THANK YOU and so glad I found you and AWESOME CALLS!.  The past 6 months I’ve tested Kyle Dennis, Jason Bond and tested Warrior (as mentioned in my original email to you).  All small to get a taste and maximize my learning curve and see what was the best fit to get me down my path so I can one day get our of Corp America.  I spent two months in and out of Lightning Alerts chat room (Kyles room that he’s never in) and Bond’s alerts. Neither one of those guys are for me. WHY? Because they DON’T provide the education, experience or conviction for what I need to accomplish my goals in 2018.  They are PROMOTERS and MARKETERS and use money to influence the weak through membership and ask for $10k.  After 3 days in your room, I’m convinced I’ve found the person and group to get me to next level and where I want to be.  I also believe you are genuine and care (that’s what my gut tells me).

With that, my initial goal in 2018 is not monetary but its to walk away from CORP AMERICA.  I’ve had a successful 20 year run in the banking industry and its tough to walk away from $250k but I’m tired of the BS, the grind and believe I can do this everyday.  I’m a single dad of two daughters (13 and 16) and in 2018 committed to making significant changes.  I need to get through March (bonus time) and then I can take that next step.  I need to figure out how to balance work and trading because its cost me money in the past and cant make that mistake again.

I will stay on monthly and once l make move will sign up annually.

From: Johnny
To: Anthony

I just wanted to let you know that that I had my 1st win  in a long time with your AGRX call.  I joined your group on Friday with the one day package to get a feel for what you do.  I had nothing to lose since the previous 6 trades put me down a few grand. I followed all the pumpers and was convinced that each previous trade was going to be the one.  A few grand later, and I was ready to pull my money out of TD Ameritrade. So  I paid the 25 bucks and joined your chat room.  You called AGRX and I picked up 1000 shares at 2.02.  You were so confident that it would hit 3 bucks that i decided to buy 2000 more shares throughout the day which brought my cost average up to 2.24 per share. I held over the weekend and sure enough it hit 3.  I sold a few minutes ago for a $2310 dollar profit.  I’m hooked on your program and your room and i’ll definitely be a monthly subscriber.  Thank you for all the guidance.  


From: Jason H.
To: Anthony


I’ve been in the room a couple months now, just hit my 1 year of trading, and I can’t tell you how much I’ve learned, how much I’ve grown as a trader thanks to you and the amazing MOD’s. It has changed my mindset on whether I thought being a “full-time” trader would ever become a reality. Over the last few weeks I had some bad days, but after reviewing my trades, reviewing the notes I realized it was my fault and I need to change me. Since then I’ve had consecutive green days, my personal best day as well as now I know I can make this my job. I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate you showing up every day, even while your neighborhood is burning around you, and you continue to educate/lead and motivate. My favorite part of the day is when you review your calls. That’s when I learn more about how and why you called that as well as how to play it after you see it play out.
I’ve been in other rooms and never going back. Look forward to everyday trading in your room.

Continued Success!

From: James G.
To: Anthony

Hey Aj, I just wanted you to know I have been profitable these past three trading days or since this email. I have even been trading in the morning and just listening to your voice! Only thing I am mad about is leaving a ton of money on the table. I keep taking profits way to soon and not letting the stocks run. I see green and click I guess that is a good thing. Any suggestions on that?

A few days ago making 500 a day seem like a pipe dream. But now all of a sudden I see making 1000 a day as a possibility!! Oh by the way $MARA kicked ass today into the close!!! I just needed to be patient. But you could look at the chart and tell it was ready to explode!!!

In ending I really hope you and your family had a great Thanksgiving and thank you again for all your support!!!!

Enjoy your weekend and can’t wait to get back in the room on Monday!!!

From: Chan J.
To: Anthony

I’m so grateful to you, Spartan and all the mods in the chatroom. I started to know Awesomecall when I was longing $DVAX in November. Before the FDA approval, I was anticipating there would be a huge upside move to the company. However, on that day, the stock tanked from $23 to $19. It was even lower than the price before approval. I tried to search online what it was happening.  Then, I found out that you guys predicted there would be a drop before the market start. It is the one and only chatroom which shorts the FDA approval. After that, I started to follow your twitter account, and realized you had tons of positive reviews everyday. Eventually, I started to sign up to your chatroom in the beginning of December. At the first couple days, I didn’t make any trade but got comfortable with you strategy and the pre-market notes. After I got familiar with your notes, all the trades I made are mostly green. Some of the trades have even more than 30% profit within a day, such as NXTD and GCAP. I started with a $6750 account in December, and a month later, I doubled my account with over $8000 gain. I really appreciate your help, and it changes my life. I plan to turn my account into 6-month or annually after paying my Tax for 2017. If you ask me what is the best investment in 2017, I would say joining to Awesomecalls chatroom. I am looking forward to trade with you guys in 2018.

From: Ray N.
To: Anthony

AJ AJ AJ, first off, Johnny Cruz brought me to the table of the #1 chatroom in the world!! Facts!!!! I’m gonna size in on ZS Friday, I been on the sidelines waiting, I finally should have my IB account up and running tomorrow, AJ you bring so much light to a persons dark tunnel their traveling thru, I really appreciate whatever sparked you to do a chat room because for many of us, we didn’t know what tomorrow was gonna bring, u bring light and direction, Thank you from myself, my family, and everyone else in the number 1 chat room in the world! AWESOME CALLS!!

From: Steve B.
To: Anthony

Dear Aj,
Today was one of the happiest days of my life. I have tears in my eyes  as I write this. I thought I was done as a trader. Acct down over 50% on top of losing so much previously. But you believed in me thru all the bullshit. And God knows there was plenty. I will never forget that as long as I live. I took those profits today because I did a balance sheet and basically need the money to pay bills. I thought the stock would gravitate towards 25. 2 weeks ago I thought I might lose my house. But these 2 trades in HMNY for about 10 grand total has changed my life. That day you pulled up the chart and said this has room was it. It’s amazing how things can turn around. Thank you so much Aj for all you have done in answering my emails over these years. You are a very special person and deserve greatness beyond your imagination.

Your friend, Steve

From: Rick L.
To: Anthony

Hey AJ just wanted to send another quick email to say thanks ONE more time.  Man I’m a proud father of 5 kids here in Kentucky and have been at this trading idea for a LONG 3 years now. Endless accounts have been blown and countless arguments have been had between the wife and myself.  I started with a beginner course and some live trading in the MOJO chat. Was disrespected, belittled, made fun of and muted more times than I care to count. I consistently lost money in there. I was a part of Sykes chat with no luck. I went to Dekmar, no luck. Tried Warrior, no luck. I stumbled across Arick Russell on youtube and started following ideas since it seemed we traded similar styles. He led me to you.  Now I thought this was gonna be another failed project but hell I’ll opened a new account and give it a go. My first interaction with you was via email and the way you spoke to me was very genuine and up front. I respected that. So I joined after my 1 day pass where I watched how you worked. My first day was a gain of $642. It felt like you were at my house sitting next to me on this trade making sure I was comfortable with the moves that were happening. Just want to leave you with this. I appreciate you. For being a man of your word. For being respectful and easy to approach. And for being a great leader in the room and outside of it. I feel like I’ve found where I’m supposed to be and I will not be leaving. 

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