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1) $GEVO Former runner, decent PR nice Volume in Pre (2.88) IMO this will pop and fade
Stock Gapping up +$1.75 would like to see this push hard at the open then watch for topping would love to see $5-$5.50 IF it comes then let it fade off all day, the PR is always the same, stock has its limitations and always fades the news, so do NOT marry this stock just play what it gives us.

2) $SIG Citi out to SELL Rating said selling isn’t done expect more downside $20PT (25.13)
Stock Gapping down -.20 trying to get some filled short under $25 any pop at open I will be short imo this should probably pull hard at open then bounce then we scale in short on it for a nice play to the downside

3) $NLS Earnings Miss 40% Haircut (11.79)
Stock Gapping down I would take a few LONG under $7 would love to see quick pop at the open towards $8-$8.50 top it off then slow fader all day on it, if this pulls at open hard to $6.50 and under I am a buyer and will look for shorts to cover for 1-2 points on it

4) $PRGS Earnings Miss (36.16)
Stock Gapping down -$4 I would nibble a few long at $32.60 area room to $31 looking for a quick push at open to $33-$34 area then top it off then all day sell off on it, if this pulls at the open hard to $30 spot or under, I would be a Buyer and bounce it 3-4 points on short covering

5) $SLB Earnings Beat (41.37)
Stock Gapping up +$2 like to see small push at open towards $44.50-$45+ top it off then short it and gap fill it back down to $42.50 and under bottom curl then slow all day move back to highs

6) $VFC Earnings Beat accross the board (73.26)
Stock Gapping up +$7 like to see this pop a little more at the open towards $82+ should squeeze nice if this pulls back at all towards $75-$76 I would be a buyer and walk it back up to $80+ up a lot so lets see how it sets up

7) $GOOS Chatter + Seeking alpha article to BUY BUY BUY (49.64)
Stock Gapping +2 I like to see small pop at the open towards $52-$53 then short it and gap filll it back to $50.10 and under then watch for bottom curl then all day slow move to the upside, I am a BUYER at $50 area no matter what today to take it back to Pre-Market highs

8) $AXP Mixed Earnings (99.49) Note $AXP is a Wall Street Favorite gets bought up
Stock Gapping down -$2 any pull at the open towards $95 I would be a buyer on the stock, I like to see this simply get bought up and walk right back to $99+ like $CSX yesterday more it pulls better the buying opportunity for us

9) $TEAM Earnings Beat (92.92)
Stock Gapping up +$7.50 Like to see small pop at the open would take a few short here at $100 give it room to squeeze If I see $102-$105 I will be Shorting this, this has had a run up into earnings last few months so I EXPECT some profit taking after the initial pop at the open should be fun

10) $NFLX This will be bought up all day on weakness $342 this am was the POINT (353.19)
Stock Gapping down -$7 Multiple upgrades on PT today, I like the #Earnings and what was said in the conference call, tons of PT upgrades I think this pushes up all day long, any pull back at the open imo is nothing more then a buying opportunity like to see $NFLX close around $358-$360+ today Let’s see if I’m right

Notable Calls:

$TSLA Cutting jobs for Profits (347.31) Stock gaping down -$25 like to see a small pull at the open to $310 area or under then short covering squeeze for 5-10 points, if this gets through $330 at the open take a few long for 5 points then top it off and fade it.

$APTX BMO out with a $18PT says company still can fix their problem (5.39) Gaping down .9 cents yesterday this hit $5.80 today BMO out with confidence think we get to $5.80+ on it like yesterday especially with the market up Long a few at $5.30 start

$PCG Let me know simply if this sells off today anything in the 6’s let me know. Thank you