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1) $CGEN Collaboration with BMY on clinical trial (3.25)
Stock Gapping up +.70 let it rip at open towards $4.25-$4.50 watch for topping on it then look for lower lows to set in and fade it all day long to the downside back to $3.70 and under imo

2) $TRXC LOL LOL LOL LOL They announced they received FDA “Clearance” (4.51)
Stock Gapping up +.50 any pop at open let it pop scale in short all day fader on it, Back down to $4.50 and under

3) $CRSP Clinical Hold lifted by the FDA (36.64)
Stock Gapping up +6 imo this is great news, BUT I do think after initial pop if it comes look for move to $43-$44+ then watch for topping the nail the 4-6 point pull back, I wouldn’t short here just yet, the short was in Pre at $42.50 to $40 imo any pull at open $38-$40 and under would be a great starter LONG on it, so let it set up give it a few moments to react at the open

4) $HEAR Earnings Beat and Raises Guidance (17.20)
Stock Gapping up +$3.20 careful on this, small float if this opens at $20.50 long it and let it push to $22 area then watch for topping and look to fade it back down 2-3 points or more on profit taking, if this yanks at open towards $18.50-$19 watch that bottom curl then look for this to potentially rip on that to highs, let this set up to maximize your profits

5) $NTLA Gapping up on $CRSP (22.30)
Stock Gapping up +2 to me this is nothing more then a SHORT if you can get anything at $24.25 and more and if this pops at open this is nothing more imo then a pop and all day slow bleeder back to lows. Nothing here folks….

6) $LITE JP Morgan out this morning banging the table to BUY this stock $80 PT (55.58)
Stock Gapping up +1 would nibble a few LONG here at $56.70 area room to add at the open let it flush down if it comes to $54-$55 area add a few more, watch for that bottom curl I think we see buyers come in and pick this up and we run it to $58-$59 let it set up but with JPM pounding the table this is a good sign for the stock should rebound

7) $FLR Earnings Miss (56.22)
Stock Gapping down -$7 I would consider going LONG at $49 area room to $47.50 at the open think we see a pop at open on short covering to $53+ then top it off then look to fade the stock, if this yanks hard at open to $45-$46 I would be a BUYER and bounce it 3-5 points for quick short covering money

8) $SQ CFO leaving Co, Remember that stupid $30 PT given by BTIG no so stupid now (77.45)
Stock Gapping down -8 I like to see gap fill back to $75-$76 at the open then watch for topping on it then look to fade the stock back to $70 and under, I feel like there is something MORE going on we don’t know that BTIG does know, so with that said, play the gap fill and watch for that topping

9) $BIDU Gapping down hard $190 and under this morning (194.26)
Stock Gapping down -$5 NO doubt be a BUYER at $189-$190 look for gap fill to at least $193-$195 if it comes then watch for topping then look to fade it, if this yanks at open again to $188 area or under I would be a BUYER on the stock

10) $HII Goldman out with a SELL rating and $208 PT (247.91) NO MM’s on it
Stock Gapping down -$7 keep in mind, this sold off ALL day yesterday so any pull at open $242 and under I would be a BUYER to the LONG side and let this rip and gap fill maybe we get lucky and get $248+ before considering shorting it, If this pulls hard at open to $240 and under I would be a buyer and grab those points you all know how GS works in here

Notable Calls:

$TLRY Another day in it (136.80) Gapping down -$8 I would nibble a few off the $129 area and see if we can’t get a quick push to $135+ before fading off some, if this yanks at the open to $128 and under, watch that $120-$125 area again like yesterday and look for that push for 5-9 points or more. “One to watch as always”

$NFLX I would nibble the long on it at $320 and under stops at $315 like to see this market bounce a little and some recovering, I am still holding $334 average on it will give this some room for myself and be patient, BUT those getting $320 and under you should be good enjoy the move to $330+

$PYX Gapping down -$2.50 (40.01) I like any pull at open to that $35-$36 area or under then look for a nice move back thru $40+ if this pops to $38.50 at open should rush quick to $40+ maybe $41 again then watch the pullback and curl it for more to the upside

IPO $ALLO priced 18 million (2 million more) at High end $18 If stock opens $22 and under I would play this all day over $25 I would be cautious on size over $28 DO NOT Touch imo $IPO $LTHM priced 17 million (3 million under) at $17 on the Low Range If stock opens $19 and under let it flush down to $17 and under then look to play the stock to the upside. closer to the opening price better the play for us.



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