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1) $ACRX FDA voted 10-3 in Favor (3.98)
Stock Gapping Up +1.5 to me this is nothing but a gap fill fade on it. So with that said it is already down to $4.70 so let it rip a little at the open maybe we get thru $5.20-$52.5 then watch the topping on it then look to fade it all day, if this small pop and lower lows set in and begins to pull then this is nothing more then an all day short on it

2) $SBGL PR regarding there doing better (3.22)
Stock Gapping up +.20 was even as high as .50 any pop at open imo is nothing more then an all day fader on it. So if this gap fills to $3.30 and under then watch for bottom curl on it then we can play it a little long on it.

3) ******$CPLG JPM out with a Underperform rating and $16.00 PT (17.56)
Stock Gapping NONE, I like to see this pull at open and drop to $15 area then we go long the stock and gap fill it back up to $17+ before shorting it all day, if this opens at all to $17.50 at the open get in there and look to short the stock for an alllllllllll day bleeder on it.

4) *****$NTRI DA Davidson out with a CUT to Underperform Rating and issues $28 PT (37.10)
Stock Gapping down -$2.50 I like to see a little pop at open and gap fill to $36.50-$37 then scale in SHORT for an all day fader back to pre-market lows, think shorts will wan to cover at the open before we fade it. If the stock pulls at open to $33.50 and under, I am a BUYER down there and I will play the quick 2 points on it for short covering squeeze

5) *********$TNDM Tier 4 firm giving this stock a $60 PT (36.13)
Stock Gapping up +1.50 I would prefer the pullback to $36.50 and under before going long, BUT with that said, I do think this will pop so IF you want to BUY now here at $37.80 then give it room to $36.50 to add then bottom curl it then look for a solid move to $39-$40 on it, I want this stock today, but I would prefer the gap fill first then look to go long, so let it open then we nail it

6) $PYX another day of Magic on this easy to read stock on its way back to $50 (43.05)
Stock Gapping up +1.80 let it rip at open to 45-46 on it then look for a nice gap fill to $42.50 area or under then bottom curl it then look to go long on it for a nice 4-5 points towards $50 if we get it.

7) $****************ZTS JPM morgan out with upgrade to $100 PT from $84 (88.90)
Stock Gapping up on this volume +$3 let it rip first on the upgrade to $92-$93 at the open then get in there and SHORT it back down to gap fill to $89 and under, higher it pops better the short, I would actually love to see this hit $88 and under, so keep an eye on it. I want to play this today with 500-1000 shares get paid and be done for the day. would consider 93-94 Calls on it when it yanks

8) $TLRY Positive PR today on the name (148.30)
Stock Gapping up +10 I like to see this small pop at open maybe thru $158-$160 then look for the gap fill to $150-$151 area watch for bottom curl then look to go long the stock In play for sure today with range.

9) $PANW I like the name when market gaps down (211.95)
Stock Gapping down -$4-6 points my TOS shows $204 with NO MM’s on it, I like to see this pop at open and full gap fill then look for a decent 2-4 points pullback on it then look to go long on it for an all day grinder on it, this for me is a 25 min play More it pops better the fade, if this yanks at open to $204-$206 I’m a buyer on weakness and nail it for 3-5 points to the upside

10) $NFLX Earnings out tomorrow stock in play today PT d/g to $400 and under (338.56)
Stock Gapping down -$2 I would prefer some sort of sell off on the name today towards $328-$330 before looking long, if you long it here I think the pop will only go to $340 at the open if that then fade off for a bit. Let it set-up

Notable Calls:

$BIDU Gapping down on China Tariffs (204.36) gapping down -$4 would long off the $200-$201 gap fill it thru $204-$205+ at the open then look for a nice slow all day fader to $198-$200 or under, don’t think this will hold up today so pop and fade it

$YY Chinese Names gapping down across the board (73.02) Gapping down -$2 I like to see this pop at open rush thru $$73+ then look for a nice pullback fader on it to $70 and under, if this yanks at open to $68-$69 GO LONG and bounce it for a few points then short it for all day fader

$ATVI Barclays out with an Upgrade and the stock is NOW gapping down HUGE raised PT to $86 from $79 (77.92) would take some LONG here at $76.00 add in dips and look for a nice play to $78 or more if this pulls to $75 I would add or begin right there stock should bounce on this upgrade


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