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1) $VTVT to deliver 2 presentations upcoming conference (2.85)
Stock Gapping up +$1.90 IMO this is nothing more then a pop and all day short fader back down to $3.25 and under, let it set up should top off around the $4.60 area be patient

2) $WGO Earnings Beat and guidance (31.75)
Stock Gapping up +$5 like to see a little more pop at open maybe thru $37-$38 on it scale in short and look for a nice 2-4 point profit taking pullback on it then look for bottom curl then look to go long on the stock

3) $FMS Lowers Guidance (49.86)
Stock Gapping down -$9 I would like to see small pop at the open towards $42-$44 on it on short covering then look for fade the stock all day long on it, if this pulls at open towards $37-$39 hard look for that bottom curl on it and look to long on short covering bounce for 4 points or more

4) $VICR Gapping up on guidance and Earnings (38.37)
Stock Gapping up +8 I would nibble some short here at $46 area room to add at the open maybe we see $48+ then look for this to slow fade and gap fill back to $40 and under. (NOTE NO Analyst coverage on the stock )

5) $ROKU around to continue to do business in Mexico (63.66) This was a hurdle from them 
Stock Gapping up +$2 this is good news for the stock, would love to see some sort of short squeeze at the open towards $67+ then watch for topping on it then look for a nice 3 point or more gap fill on profit taking, I think this will start to see $70-$75 in the next coming days with solid $NFLX numbers

6) $UAL Gapping up on positive Earnings Citi out with $100 PT (83.52)
Stock Gapping up +$5 I like to see more of a squeeze at the open maybe we see $89-$90+ on it then watch for topping and look for this to gap fill back down to $85 area and under, UAL tends to gap fill before legging up, so watch that topping on it. If it yanks at open hard to $85 and under I would be a buyer on the stock and walk it up to highs

7) $WBC BofA out with double downgrade to $95 from $130 (110.00)
Stock Gapping none, NO market Makers on the stock should open up down -8-10 points quick then look for a quick bounce for 4-5 points to the upside. Ideally if this opens at $107-$108 would start short let it gap fill to $109.50+ then add and then look for an all day fader on it to lows

8) $IBM Earnings Miss (145.12) Morgan Stanley out with a $168 PT BMO out with $164.00 PT 
Stock Gapping down -$9 points, Typically IBM gets bought up on weakness so I nibbled a few long at $137.55 will add on pullbacks to $135 that stops at $134.50 firm. I’m simply looking for a quick short covering pop at open towards $140-$141 if it comes then all day fader. If it yanks hard goes thru my stops that would suck. BUT I do think shorts will come in and cover this, a lot of investors tend to buy the weakness on IBM when they miss

9) $LRCX Earnings Beat (145.27) 
Stock Gapping up +$9 I like to see this small pop at the open if it comes towards $157+ then scale in short and look to gap fill this back down all the way to $148 area and under, I believe profit takers will want to cash out on this pop here, so I will be eyeing the pullback on it on the bottom curl for an upside move on it

10) $NFLX HUGE Earnings beat multiple PT increases HUGE increase in Subs (346.40)
Stock Gapping up +35 like to see a little short squeeze pop at the open towards $390+ if it comes watch for topping then look for this to have a decent pullback I’d like to see $365-$370 on the pullback on it or more, wait for it to set up for sure. If this Yanks at the open to those same areas look to go long on it on a bottom curl then back to highs

Notable Calls:

$TSLA Gapping up on Elon suggesting he will buy back 20 million in stock (276.69) Gapping up +3 would take a few LONG at $280 room to add on the Pullback looking for bottom curl and slow move towards $285-$289 area

$HHC They are breaking ground in At Ward Village (118.75) Thin stock SO! Gapping up +7 any pop at open towards $124-$126 give it room I think in the end this should simply just gap fill back down to $120 and under

$NTAP Goldman out with $91 PT added to Conviction buy List (77.92) Gapping up +3 to me if this pops at open to $82-$83+ would scale in SHORT and simply gap fill this back down to $78.50 and under, this is a Typical Goldman pop and fade before a leg up so be ready for it.

$SIBN #IPO Up sized #IPO to 7.2 million at $15 per Like to open this anything below $17-$18 I would consider buying nibble some if $20-$22 comes be careful on size wait for the pullback anything above $22+ imo I would pass on it.



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