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1) $NBEV solid move this morning with nice volume behind it this should be fun (8.11)
Stock Gapping up +.60 I like to see this pop at open maybe get thru $9 on a short squeeze top it off then sell off, if this pulls at open and gap fills back to $8.45 and under watch that bottom curl and buyers to come in, I think once they come in this can go to $9.50-$10 spot one to watch and play tonight

2) $SAEX OK Great PR Former runner, but pulled it on a quick 60 mil ATM (10.69)
Stock Gapping up +$1.5 I actually like it here below $12 would have stops at $10.50 firm , if this pops at open thru $14 this will rush quick imo towards $17-$20 before pulling back, IF this by chances flushes at open below $11 watch that bottom curl, very carefully I think if that sets in this will rips shorts apart, IMO no Retail shorts got a hold of this yet to really size in and pull it down, I know the MM’s know this, so if it pulls it will be quick But I like the upside on this for the right move……………….Tricky Trade so give it wide range or don’t play it.

3) $RECN Earning Beat (16.43)
Stock Gapping up +$2.75 points at $19+ If this opens at $19-$20 would look to nibble some SHORT and sell this off back down to $17.50 and under, a lot of bag holders on this stock so imo this should pop and fade quickly before buyers come in, right now the MM’s are holding it up with no volume so you have to be careful but remember higher it pops at open better the fade for all of us

4) $MNR 8 million offering at $15 (16.18)
Stock Gapping down -$1.5 I would love to see a nice sell off to $14.50 and under more it dumps more it pulls better the buying opportunity for us, I think if we get $14.50 and under by late this afternoon we get it back to $15.50-$16 so lets see how it opens, be patient remember more it pulls better the set up for all of us for more money with size

5) $ARWR Enters license collaboration agreement with JNJ will receive 175 mil (18.56)
Stock Gapping up +5 To me this is nothing more then a sell off gap fill back to $19 and under then bottom curl it then look to go long off the bottom, Janni has been shorting this live in chat since $22 so he knows this is nothing more then a gap fill short then bottom long

6) $CLDR combine stock Merger with $HDP (17.08)
Stock Gapping up +4 I like to see this flush back under $18.50 at the open if it down I would nibble long some and lets see if we can’t bottom curl it and head back to $20.50-$21+ the reason for the sell off is to many bag holders been waiting for news like this hence the SHORT and the pre-market sell off, lets see if it flushes right at the open

7) $HDP combine stock merger with $CLDR (21.88)
Stock Gapping up +6 I would like to see this sell off to $24 and under before buying the stock, Street likes this BUT too many bag holders holding the stock, so let it flush out first then watch that bottom curl I would love to see $23-$23.50 on it then look to go long the stock

8) $NVO Getting hurt on $LLY positive news (44.69)
Stock Gapping down -$3.50 I would nibble some LONG here at $43.20 and under I think this will get bought up on weakness back to at least $45+ at the open on short covering, if this flushes to $40 quick at the open I would be a buyer on it, no doubt and bounce it 3-4 points

9) $LLY Great news on diabetes Primary endpoint met (108.62)
Stock Gapping up +5 This is a lot for $LLY so if this pops at open towards $115 watch the topping on it I think in the end great news but will gap fill back to $109-$110 LLY is a HUGE company this is 1 drug of many, great news but I like the downside to it, so lets see if this $113+ hold if it doesn’t then $110 will be a slow fader

10) $SRPT Positive Data out and tons of Tier 1 analyst pushing PT’s today (147.38)
Stock Gapping up +4 I like to see a push at open maybe we get $155 on it then top it off then look to fade the stock back down and gap fill it back to $148, if this pulls at the open and gap fills look for the $148.50-$149 area and nibble long, I think this move to the $153-$155 area

Notable Calls:


$BIDU Gapping down (216.35) Gapping down -$3 I would go LONG here at $213.50 room to $212 at the open then look for a nice move to $215-$217 today, I like it bounce on this weakness down here

$TLRY 400 million convertible note (156.83) to me this is nothing like 4 million shares at $100 hence why it’s not down a lot. Gapping down -$6 I like to see this yank at open to $145 and under if it does then bottom curl it then look to go long on it for a nice bounce, if this pushes at open and gets thru $152 this should run again, I would prefer the pullback then long it

$IIPR Priced 2.6 million #OFFERING $40.00 a share (43.44) Anything imo below $40.50 is a BUY I would love to try and see if it flushes to $39.50 and under look for this to feel quick and look for a nice move to $41.50-$42



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