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1) $ALT Positive News this morning but now 25 million Offering at $5.40 (7.24)
Stock Gapping up +10+ now down to $5 and under. I’m going to take a shot at this at $5.10 room to $4 to add then I will swing and hold it nibbling for now, thinking shorts may come in later today and cover this or bounce this to $6 area, I will be patient with this. “Risky Trade” but can bounce on this HUGE pullback, thinking the 25million will get filled quick

2) $CLDC Strategic Cooperation Agreement (.80)
Stock Gapping up +$1 I like to see a small push at open towards $2-$2.25+ then watch for topping thinking with bag holders once lower lows set in this should and will fade so be careful, I will watch this carefully as the buyers come in and if I see size will handle it walk it thru.

3) $IGC Gapping up on NO news (4.05) squeezing shorts this morning
Stock Gapping +$1.00 I like to see this pop a little more at the open maybe $5.40-$5.75 area the open then top it off then look for a quick snap and pullback on it towards $4.40 and under, if this dumps at open this should and will be in play, Pre-Market buyers have already showed there hand they want to buy this weakness down here, so let it push then we pull it and watch for the bottom curl on it

4) $PBR Brazilian Elections and increased Gas Prices JPM PT $17 BofA $20 (13.91)
Stock Gapping up +2.5 I would like to see a pop at open preferably $16.25-$16.50 then watch for topping I would love to fill some gap here BUT I will need it to pop and pull to $15.75 if we get that I feel we get a sell off to $14.75 and under on a bottom curl then long again,

5) $PYX No significant news as I see however stock is in play and gapping up (28.18)
Stock Gapping up +$3 I like to nibble some short here at $31.20 area room to add at the open think this can hit $32.50-$33 then look for the pull on it gap fill to $29.50 and under for quick money, if this yanks right at open on profit taking, cover your position and watch that bottom curl around the $29 area and we bounce it big

6) $NVO Gapping down on Neutral Rating from BofA (43.96)
Stock Gapping down -$1.40 I like to see small pop at open maybe we get through $43.25+ on short covering then all day fader on it back to lows, if this yanks and pulls at the open to $41.50 spot go long and bounce it for 1-1.5 points before shorting it for an all day fader let it set up for us

7) $IRBT Jefferies downgrades the stock today (106.06)
Stock Gapping down -$4 I like to see small pull at open maybe we get thru $100 and under then look for a nice 2-4 points bounce then we fade it back down, if this pops at the open towards $104-$105 on short covering scale in SHORT and look for an all day fader on it

8) $TLRY Another day in it for us (146.91)
Stock Gapping down -$9 if this opens around $139-$140 stock should push to $144-$145 for quick money before failing down, if this pulls hard at open watch the $129-$130 area and stock should bounce for us quick 4-5 points before topping off.

9) $MELI Gapping up on Brazilian News (335.64)
Stock Gapping up +$12 would nibble a few short here at $348 rooom to $350+ at the open then look for a nice 5-6 points gap fill sell off on it, higher it pops better the fade so look for that sell off for a few points on it.

10) $NFLX Gapping down on Market (351.35)
Stock Gapping down -$6 I like to see this small pop at the open towards $348-$360 area then look for a nice sell off back to lows if this pulls hard at open watch the $338-$340 area then bounce it nice for 5-7 points before topping off on it

Notable Calls:

$TSLA Gapping down -$4 would love a sell off to $260 at the open then bounce it 5-7 points top it off then slow fader once it snaps, Just looking for quick money on it for me.

$CENX Gapping up +.70 on BS News (10.10) would short this gap here at $10.75 room o $10.90 fade it all day back to $10 spot or under on profit taking.


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