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1) $ALLO Recent IPO being upgraded today JPM $29 GS $41 Jefferies $31 (27.69)
Stock Gapping up +$1 imo this should simply open up and gap fill back to $27.50 area then watch for bottom curl then possible slow move towards $29 on it, if this pops at open thru $29+ simply short it and gap fill it for nice money

2) $DOVA FDA OK’s supplemental NDA (18.94)
Stock Gapping up +$2.50 to me this is nothing more then a pop and fade so let it pop at the open if it gives up $21-$23 area top it off and short it back down for a nice fader, if this yanks at open this will simply gap fill and actually grind lower then the $18.94

3) $ACIA PT Raised to $60 from $45 from Deutsche Bank (44.75)
Stock Gapping up NONE would take a few LONG here at $44 area with room to $42 have an average bottom curl it and look for a slow all day move towards $47+ on the stock, should have nice range today once it pops and settles in for the leg up

4) $FSLR Gapping up +$2 continues to move higher on last weeks $75 PT JPM (43.00)
Stock Gapping up +$2 would short this gap up and let it fill the gap back down to $43.25 and under bottom curl it take a few long and let it run towards $45-$46 today once it sets up for us.

5) $SYY Earnings Mixed (71.29)
Stock Gapping down -$6 would like to see this sell off more into the call coming in 45mins then take a few LONG on the call and bounce it 2-3 pts to the upside. Call finishes, re-short it back to lows.

6) $SAGE Confirms FDA advisory injection 17-1 (137.55) to me nothing more then pop and fade
Stock Gapping up +7 let this small pop at the open possible back to $150 if it comes watch for topping then look to fade the stock, in the end this should simply fade the news back to $139 and under

7) *****$LIN Bernstein out with a SELL rating and $134PT ouch! (159.84) looks like they Knew this was coming a few days ago
Stock Gapping down -$2 would nibble a few short room to $160 at the open have a nice average and look for a nice all day fader to lows, higher this goes and gap fills and more BETTER the short for us, if this yanks at open hard to $152-$153 area bounce it for 3-4 points then scale in short for all day bleeder

8) *******$MKTX Goldman out with a SELL rating and $175PT (213.79) I want this today! #SWINGTRADE
Stock Gapping down NONE I can see I like to see this open at $205 and under on initial pull reaction, then we go LONG back to high (because its Goldman) let it set up for us then we nail the top and fade this off for a few days on its way to $195 and under this is a nice range SWING SHORT call for us just let it set up and simply let it fade down.

9) $PLCE consolidate Management roles and reAFFIRMS EPS guidance (157.95)
Stock Gapping down -$16 I would nibble very lightly the $140-$142 area LONG, but be aware this can dump quick to $130 and under, so let it show you, BUT if this pulls at open to $130-$135 be a BUYER they always always always buy up the weakness on $PLCE I have played this many times but you MUST be patient with the trade

10) $NFLX Buckingham out with a $406 PT from $349 raises it 2 notches (309.10)
Stock Gapping up +$2 I like to see a solid pop at the open maybe thru $315+ then look for the ideal pullback on it to maybe $307-$308 then look for bottom curl then slow move towards highs. Lets it set up after initial move in the morning on short squeeze

Notable Calls:

$AAPL cancelled production increase for Iphone XR (207.48) $APPL should get hit more on this today, gapping down -$4 I like to see small pop at the open on a little short covering then look to fade this possibly to $200 and under, if this pulls right at the open below $200 bounce it for quick 2-3 pt short covering then let it grind out

$RACE Earnings Miss (119.53) Gapping down -$4 Like to see a little more sell-off into the call in 30mins then look to nibble long on the call at $115 area assuming right mins before the calls its right there then play it 2-3 points to the upside once the CEO begins to talk