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1) $LITE Earnings Miss (55.95) all I can say is anything under $40 in Pre-Market is a win
Stock Gapping down -$20 I took some early morning and bounced a few I like to see this bounce towards $45 before fading off, if this pulls again at the open to $35-$38 I would be a buyer on the the weakness

2) $EIDX reports Positive 2 Data (12.71)
Stock Gapping up +2 any pop imo would be a short imo if it touches $15+ top it off and look to fade the stock on it, if this pulls at the open simply cover your short on it. Should be fun today

3) $AMRN Mixed data form AHA Presentation (21.05)
Stock Gapping down -$3.5 I like to see this pop off the $18 area back thru $19-$19.50+ then top it off and fade it again, if this yanks at open towards $16 spot go LONG and bounce it.

4) $NKTR Presents New Data (34.02) SO??? I like to order pizza once a month…
Stock Gapping up +$1.5 what a joke $NKTR always dumps on PR so any pop at open look as an invitation to short the stock and simply gap fill it back down to $34 or under

5) $BZUN Getting hit hard on $BABA numbers (40.19)
Stock Gapping down -$5 I like to see a little more pop at the open maybe we get thru $36+ on short covering, however if this pulls to $32 and under at the open Bounce it for 2-3 points for quick money, more it pulls better the bounce for us

6) $AAL Both GS and Citi Tag upgrades on this stock $44GS $53Citi (36.22)
Stock Gapping none, see hardly any risk in the idea looking for $38+ on the stock, will add on weakness if it pulls at the open took a starter LONG at $36.25

7) $PCG Anytime we get wildfires in Cali and deaths PCG gets hit hard (39.92)
Stock Gapping down -$6 I like to see a little more pull at the open prefer $32 and under then we bounce it for a few points on short covering, if this begins to push at open thru $34 take a few long and bounce it to $36 and top it off. More it pulls better the play

8) $AAPL Getting hurt this morning on $LITE comments on earnings (204.47)
Stock Gapping down -$4 I like to see this pop at open possibly thru $202+ then look to fade it all day, if this yanks hard at the open to $196-$197 area I would go long and bounce it nice back thru $202-$203 imo this should just pop and fade for the day

9) $NVDA Tech getting hit today (205.67) Citi cuts to $270 PT
Stock Gapping down -$4 I like to see more of a pull at the open towards $195-$197 then look for a solid 2-4 point bounce in the stock, if this pops at the open towards $205+ I would scale in short for an all day fader on it

10) $NFLX Gaping down on Market (303.47)
Stock Gapping down -$3 for me this is all about the pullback to $295-$297 then bounce then top it off then look to short it again. I think with market today this gets hurts and slides into $280’s Let it set up for some nice bounce plays

Notable Calls:

$MO Gaping down on WSJ article (63.20) Gaping down -$3 would go long in Pre-Market anything around $60 watch it bounce towards $62+ at the open.

$ROKU Gaping down -$1.5 would like a hard pull at open below $42 will be buying for the nice bounce on it. Should be fun buying on weakness below $42 for a bounce on it

$GNC Earnings Miss (4.22) Gaping down -$1 I like so see small pop at the open maybe get thru the $4 spot then all day fader on it. If this pulls at open to $3 and under go LONG and bounce it with size