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1) $ANY Former runner also runner yesterday thru $8.5 (6.10)
Stock Gapping up +.80 with decent volume would love a quick push at open thru $7-$7.50 on it then top it off hard sell off then watch for the bottom curl on it, if this yanks right at open and gap fills do NOT buy it unless we get thru $6.80+ on volume I will walk it up for you.

2) $BKE Earnings Miss (20.88)
Stock Gapping down -$2.20 would nibble a little long around the $18.50 and under area would love to see $17’s on it then look to bounce it and short cover through $19+ then re-short the stock back to lows, watch shorts come in and cover the moment a decent pull comes, if however this simply opens at $19+ watch for topping on it then look for all day slow move to the downside

3) $ROKU when market pulls I like to play the weakness on the stock (41.21)
Stock Gapping down -.50 cents any pop imo should be followed by a nice sell off on the name would like to take this down to $39 levels or under then bottom curl it then bounce it for a point or so, more it pulls better the trade for all of us on the long side.

4) $SAVE Raises Guidance multiple u/g to $60 PT (50.98)
Stock Gapping up +$6 I want to short this today, However let it rip at open watch for lower lows to set in then top it off and fade it back down to $52.50 and under, market will pull this but wait for the initial short squeeze pop at open then we can get in there and take it down

5) $WB Market down China Tariffs neg (59.25)
Stock Gapping down -$1 any pop at the open I would like to scale in and short the stock and fade it, more it pops towards $59-$60 the more I want to get in their and short it, if this yanks right at open to $57 area bounce it for 1-2 pts then short it

6) $SQ Market red this should slide for us 3-4 pts then bottom curl (66.52)
Stock Gapping none, like to see small pop at open followed by a decent sell off like to get it to $63-$63.50 and under bottom curl it then slow move to the upside, more it pulls if it does at the open better the trade for us on the bounce

7) $YY Market down, China Tariffs talks increasing I like to short the name (67.17)
Stock Gapping down -$1 I like to see small pop at the open then look for a nice sell off on it get back to $64.50 and under I will be watching any pop at open as a short opportunity like before and slowly fade it along side $WB

8) $LOXO receives FDA approval (152.70) FDA Approval in #ACT = what
Stock Gapping up +6 would take a few short at $156-$158 area gap fill it to $150-$153 and under let it sell off find bottom curl then take a few long, I’m more on the gap fill sell of first before buying anything long on it

9) $CBRL Earnings showing a beat but not a HUGE beat (175.01)
Stock Gapping up +$1 would like to actually see a pull at open maybe below $170 then look for a nice bounce on it, harder it pulls better the bounce, if this pops at all at the open towards $180+ I would consider shorting the name on it

10) $NFLX Market down this is down (261.43)
Stock Gapping down -$3 like to get small pop at open then top it off then look for the stock to sell off if the market stays red we can see it hit $250 and under, I’m more of the short side minded on this name today followed by quick bounces market holds red this should sell off nicely

Notable Calls:

$NVDA Market down would like to see some sort of sell-off again today (153.05) will be eyeing a small pop at the open let it gap fill since its down -1.5 top it off then we get a nice sell off to $148 and under then watch for bottom curl, I nibbled a few short myself at $151.50 so I will try and nail 3-4 pts depending if it sells off at the open after initial pop

$TSLA weaker sales in China (346.00) gaping down -$6 I would love to see a decent sell off any gap fill pop imo the stock should get hit to $335 area and under, lets see if it gap fills first then we nail the fade, if this yanks right at the open bounce it then lets fade it

$ABMD Let me know with market pulling like to try and short this depending on the open NO MM’s on it but if we get a decent sell off would like to get this to $295 area today, if so let me know so I can bottom bounce it but I will be looking to short the open depending how what it opens up at ($311)


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