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1) $TCCO Earnings Beat decent numbers small cap push and slow fader (1.96)
Stock Gaping up +200% love to see this push towards $7.50-$8 possibly in Pre-Market, look for some profit taking to kick in and decent sell off, DO NOT SHORT this until we snap $5.75 and under, break that flag then we slow fade back down to $4 and under, Should be fun today

2) $FRAN Earnings Miss (19.83)
Stock Gaping down -$6.30 I like this down here under $14 would nibble a few long, looking for this to rebound to $17-$18+ think this sell-off is too much, if this yanks at the open to $12.50 area I would add to the position and watch shorts to come in and cover.

3) $DBI Earnings Miss (17.00) Lowers guidance
Stock Gaping down -$3.10 I’d like to see a little more sell-off at the open to $12 and under would love $11-$11.50 bottom curl then quick 2 point push on short cover then all day fader I would NOT long this unless it pushes at $14-$14.50 then quick 1-1.5 points then be done with it, in the end this should simply sell off today

4) $CONN Earnings Miss (20.50)
Stock Gaping down -$6 would nibble long the $14 area add on any pullback at the open to $12.50 look for the stock to rebound back to $16-$17 top it off then slow fader back down, more this pulls at the open if it does, more the stock will squeeze. I like it down here at $14 think the shorts will come in hard and cover at the open.

5) $ROAD Earnings Miss (20.59) in-line guidance
Stock Gaping down -$3 like to see this gap fill to $19+ at the open or more then slow fader for 1-1.5 points top the downside, think this is down too much so simply looking for short covering squeeze at the open, if we get past $19 should push to $19.75+ then top it off and fade it

6) $SUPN Provided update on a Phase 3 study…??? (22.69) S T U P I D
Stock Gaping up +2.5 any pop at the open is nothing more then a fade right back to $22.75 and under, the more this pops at the open IF it gets to $25-$26 just laugh at it and watch this stupid thing gap fill right back down.

7) $SFIX Earnings Beat and Surprise (25.02) Multiple PT upgrades $32-$38
Stock Gaping up +2.20 I would actually buy small few long here at $27 give this room to $26 to add, there will be some profit taking on it, I don’t feel this will gap fill, I’m looking for the stock to hit $29-$29.75+ on it today, if this pushes at the open quick to $29+ sell into the push and be done with it, imo this should push at the open peak, and grind out.

8) $MDB Earnings Beat (131.01) raises guidance small but thin stock so be careful
Stock Gaping up +12 would love to see push at open to $148-$150 from $142 spot watch for topping do NOT short this unless you snap $142-$143 at the open then you will get 4-6 quick points to the downside, this will NOT gap fill so get what you can imo this is up way too much but its a thin stock so let it push and play along the long side ride on its way up to $148+

9) $CASY Earnings Mixed reiterates FY20 SSS (175.32)
Stock Gaping down -$11 would like quick pop at open to $166 then quick push to $170-$172 then top it off then slow fader back down 5-8 points, if this snaps at the open watch the $160 area and under for shorts to come in and cover, once we see the push this should be fun for quick points and money, let it open first then we jump in. More this snaps an pulls better the range for us to the upside

10) $NFLX Needham out d/g to underperform w/o a PT (302.50) This is BS will explain later in secret sauce, BUT imo this analyst should be fired for putting out a stupid call like this today
Stock Gaping down -$7 I would actually long small at $296 at the open for quick short covering push back to $300-$302, if this snaps at the open to $290 and under, I WILL BE PLAYING THIS WITH SIZE for the short covering rebound on it for 3-5 quick points. Lets this show you at the open, if this pops and gap fills all the way, top it off and look to short it back down 5-8 pts

Notable Calls:

$A Bill Ackman took a stake in this company (81.62) Gaping up +$2.20 would love small push at the open towards $84+ if it comes, top it off then look to gap fill this back down to $82 and under, If this snaps at open to $81.75-$82 cover your shorts bottom curl then slow all day move to the upside

$MTN Earnings Beat (230.83) reaffirms guidance Gaping up +7 imo this should small pop at open to $240-$242+ top it off then look for this to gap fill back down to $233-$234 and under then bottom curl it then slow move to the upside. If this snaps right at the open to $233 and under bottom curl it and go long for slow all day move back to Pre-Market highs