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1) $AGEN entered into a immuno partnership with Gilead (2.01)
Stock Gapping up +1.50 To me this is nothing more then a fade back to $2.25 and under. Great PR great news but in the end nothing more then a pop and fade should pay well in Pre-Market and fade it

2) $BILI Partnering up with Alibaba’s Taobao to promote products (14.55)
Stock Gapping up +.65 cents would nibble a few long at $15.10 room to add on the pullback gap fill watch for bottom curl then slow move to $16-$16.50 on the news let it gap fill

3) *********$ACER Needham out with a BUY rating and $48 PT (16.71) sitting on the ask $17.00 I want this today
Stock Gapping up +35 cents hardly any risk here love the call just want to get a fill and walk this up to $20 or more Great SWING idea as well to $20-$25 over the next 5 days or so

4) $ZUO Needham Strong Buy and top pick 2019 $27 PT (17.52)
Stock Gapping up +.70 would nibble a few long here at $18 area room to add on the gap fill pullback stock should get through $19-$20+ on this upgrade, if simply want to wait for gap fill around $17.75 or under then look to go long their

5) $GTHX failed results on cancer related drug study (28.75)
Stock Gapping down -$8 nibble small amount at $20 area for quick 2-3 point bounce then look to fade the stock all day, if this pulls at the open hard to $15-$18 area watch the bottom curl then look to go long on it.

6) $FGEN Gaping up on primary endpoint met on Phase 3 trial Program (40.75)
Stock Gapping up +$2.50 I like to gap fill this back to $41 area or under then bottom curl it then look to go long on it, if this pops at open towards $44-$45 watch for topping then look to fade the stock back down and gap fill it

7) $TLRY HUGE news after hours partnership with $ABEV to create weed drinks (71.00)
Stock Gapping up +8 I would like to see this get thru $79.50 at the open the quick squeeze and push to $83+ on it for quick money then gap fill fade, this is up a lot so I’m thinking quick squeeze at the open then flush, however if this pulls hard at the open to $73.50 area would nibble a few long and play a nice 3-5 point bounce on it

8) $WBA Earnings Mixed (73.29)
Stock Gapping down -$1.50 I like to see small pop at open to $73+ then look to top it off and fade the stock back down to $70, if this yanks at open to $68-$69 would look for bottom curl on it then look to go LONG on it for a nice 2-3point bounce

9) $BLUE Raymond James out with a STRONG BUY and $165 PT (101.13) Sitting on the ask $102
Stock Gapping none, NO MM’s on it. I like to play this today so will nibble a few at $102 room to $99 at the open watch for bottom curl on it then take it long. I like to see the stock get to $107-$110+ on this call today but the market needs to give us a little push to the upside so be patient with it let it set up

10) $NTES UBS out with a BUY rating at $300PT (233.37) Long some at $235 average
Stock Gapping up .65cents any pull at the open towards $230 I will be a buyer or add to my position I like this bottom play here but be aware it can hit $225, However stock hit $239 pre-market so I am looking to fill that at least if not more I would love to see it get thru $240 its all about the set up and trying to be patient. NICE SHORT at $239 to $234 though this morning

Notable Calls:

$NFLX If it market pulls or sells off will play this one (266.77) Gaping flat, like to see a small pop at open towards $268-$270 top it off then look to short the stock, if this stocks pulls at open watch the $260 and under bottom curl and look to go long on it for bounce

$DBVT withdraw of peanut allergy BLA license application (14.15) Multiple PT downgrades. IMO I would consider looking at this stock around $4-$4.50 I think we get 1 more pull on it, However if the stock gets through $5.50 at the open may run towards $6.50-$7 before coming back down for an all day fader. BofA out with $8PT which makes the stock sit around $5.50 & under