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1) $ICPT Phase 3 endpoint met (110.82) SHORT at $141 should fade to $130 and under
Stock Gapping up +$50 anyone who caught $160 SHORT nice work, I got in late at $141 caught 4.5 stock should fade towards $130 and under I’d like to see this settle at $125 spot SHORT what you can but expect profit taking.

2) $UNIT Negative Court Ruling JPM out with a $16 PT from $23 (19.98)
Stock Gapping down -$9 Nibble some around the $11 area room to add on the pull at open like to see this recover on short covering to $13+ need to be patient and let this sell off, but if this pops at open through $12 spot should head to $13 quick

3) $PCG Citi out with a BUY rating and $33PT (15.48)
Stock Gapping up +$.80 I would prefer this to gap fill back to at least $15.75 and under then look to long the stock on a swing trade to $18+ look for more analyst to come out and follow Citi’s call. If you buy here at $16.35 have room to add at the open for the move to the upside

4) $CRON Neg Comments on CGC inventory (21.29)
Stock Gapping down -.20 I like to see this small pop at the open then pullback on it to $20 and under then look to come in and bounce if for a point or 2 then look to fade it

5) $WTW JP Morgan out with a $25 Pt from $37 (30.28)
Stock Gapping down -$2.20 I would like for this to pop at the open towards $29.50-$30 then watch for topping on it then all day slow fade back to lows, if this pulls at the open towards $26 and under I would go long on the name and bounce it 2-3 points on short covering gap fill

6) $XPO DB out with BUY the weakness today on the stock (51.97)
Stock Gapping down -.60 cents I would prefer a nice sell off at the open towards $50 an under then look to bottom curl it then go long off the bottom for 3-4 points, if you take some here at $51.20 area have room to add on the pull, they are doing some 2024 senior notes on it

7) $PZZA Stifel out with a downgrade to sell and $35 PT (45.26)
Stock Gapping down -$2 like to see small pull at the open then a gap fill push back to $44.75-$45+ or more then look for a nice all day sell off on the name, if this yanks to $42 area or under look to bounce it imo

8) $AAP Earnings Beat (169.99)
Stock Gapping up +$3 like to see a little more push at the open towards $173-$175 if it comes then look for a nice slow gap fill fade to $170 and under, I would prefer this to sell off after the initial pop at the open

9) $NTES Crazy story $AMZN in talks to merger with NetEase’s Kaola (227.62)
Stock Gapping up +8 would like to see this pop at open if it does back through $240-$245+ area then watch for topping then look to fade the news, If this fully gap fills and pulls at the open to $230 and under I would be buyer on it.

10) $NFLX Market gaping a little down (356.87)
Stock Gaping down -$1.87 Like to see see a little more pull at the open towards $352 and under then bottom curl it then look to go long on it for a nice 4-6 point bounce on it. More it pulls at the open better the bounce for us

Notable Calls:

$WIN Gaping down on court case (3.37) down -$2.20 I would be a buyer at $1.00 and under and pick up some on a swing trade. If this pulls to .75 cents would look to bounce it, but will start at $1.00 think we can get a bounce to $1.75-$2.25

$BVN Goldman Sachs out with a sell rating and $15 PT (16.49) Nothing on it yet, if this opens down $15.35 pull or under watch the bottom curl and gap fill it back full to $16.25-$16.50 then we can look to short the stock