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1) $TVTY Earnings Miss big time (22.93)
Stock Gapping up down -$9 Crappy report, I would love to see $12-$12.50 and under pull at the open then look for a nice 2-3 point short cover gap fill, If this pushes at the open through $14.50 chase a few to $16 then top it off then all day bleeder on it

2) $NVTA Earnings Mixed (27.50)
Stock Gapping down -2.10 would like to see this snap at open to $24-$25 then look to long it for quick 1-2 point on the short cover, more this pulls at the open better the range for us to the upside

3) $SIX Earnings Disaster + Plans on China development shut down (38.02)
Stock Gapping down -$8.10 Like to see dump towards $27-$29 area at the open then look for shorts to come in and cover towards $32-$33 top it off then all day bleeder on it, the more it pulls the better shorts to come in and cover I would love to see $25 on it IMO then bounce it perfect for us

4) $BTAI 2 million #Offering at $32 a share! (41.41)
Stock Gapping down -9 IMO would buy some at the $33 level room to $31 carry and average and swing it, the #Offering is small and IMO stock should rebound back to $37-$38 let’s see if it pulls at the open again, whomever bought below $33 this morning, Great job!!! I tried myself

5) $SPCE Another Crazy day in this crazy stock PM showed $41+ Today (37.35)
Stock Gapping up +4.10 Like to see crazy pop towards $42-$43+ top it off and look for a nice sell-off 4-5 points then bottom curl then another crazy move today we may see $45-$47 on it, so let it show you and play small, this is a crazy stock

6) $CAR Earnings Beat (43.18)
Stock Gapping up +5.10 would love to short some at $48 area this morning room to $50 pop look for profit taking pullback to $45-$45.50 and under bottom curl, it then slows all-day move back to highs

7) $ZG/Z $ZG Gapping up on Earnings Blowout beat (54.84) Note $ZG likes to fill gaps on #ER
Stock Gapping up +11 I would take that $65 room to $68 pop at the open and look for a flush to $58-$60 quick at the open then bounce it, they have a habit of giving up gains, However, be cautious on size, Multiple upgrades this morning pushing $70+ value so stock has room to push

8) $LOPE Earning Miss (86.93) Thin stock
Stock Gapping down -7 IMO anything under $80 I would nibble small long, think this stock should rebound back to $83-$84 on short-covering before slow fade sits in, so look for it if it pushes through $81.50 chase it for the rest, if this snaps at all at the open to $77-$79 I would be a buyer on the weakness for the short cover pop

9) $STMP HUGE Earnings Beat Wowza However Not seeing Analyst upgrading too much (95.46)
Stock Gapping up +44 would nibble small…SMALL short here at $133-$134 area room to $138 at the open pop and look for this to snap and sell-off to $115-$120 and under on profit-taking, I believe this will sell off some so wait for it, look for that $132 snap if it comes and chase down on the short, IMO the higher this goes the better the range to the downside

10) $DPZ BIG Earnings Beat (297.10) You all remember when this was $215 when I said BUY
Stock Gapping up +65 DO NOT SHORT unless you get a $350 snap at open then look for another 10-20 points on the downside, typically $DPZ likes to fills some of there gaps but this report was big so wait for the pull, when it comes don’t be scared chase it for those points. I do not see this going down more than $320 area and under so do not think full gap fill cause I don’t think that will happen.

Notable Calls:

$TSLA another day to play on its way to $1000 (917.42) Gapping down -$26 Nice job Janni picking up the bottom at $892 Nice job, now let’s see if this pops at open to $910 for quick chase to $920-$925 then small pull back on it, if this snaps at the open watch the $875-$885 area on the pullback then look for a nice 20-30 point push for quick money, I will be playing this

$SAM OMG this thing was $383 after hours are you kidding me on “In-Line Guidance” OMG (429.00) IMO this should simply gap fill back to $415-$420 on there report, why it was down so much last night was crazy, However, let’s see if it pulls again to $390 and under at the open then we can nail it long again. Man oh Man $383 yesterday wow what a Bargain to BUY

$MANT Earnings Beat stock is thin wide spreads (81.83) If it open under $82 a share I would scale in long and look for slow move towards $85-$89+ at the open, However, if this opens and pushes to $90-$92 area top it off and look for a nice slow fader back down to $85 and under, let this set up for us


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