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1) $KNDI another day in it 2nd day looks like it wants more volume for ATM (7.98)
Stock Gapping up cause no after hour ATM last night, think we get it tonight, however stock is gaping up +.50 like to see small pop and pull then look for a nice pop through $8.50-$8.60 if it comes then look to long it to $9-$9.50 wait for this to set up, I think small pop, pull then if it wants more it will show us with a big buyer

2) CBLK Earnings Miss (16.46) Nibbled a few long at $13.40- area like to pop this
Stock Gapping down -$3.50 like to see if this recovers a point or 2 at the open on some short covering however if this yanks at the open to $12.75 and under, I may add my position on it and be patient, I’m looking for that $13.40-$13.60 push at the open to push through $14 for quick money before it begins to fade

3) $HTZ following $CAR Positive Earnings (17.24)
Stock Gapping up +1.25 I like to see a little more push at the open towards $19-$19.50 if it comes then look for this to gap fill sell off to $18 and under then bottom curl it then look to go long on it, In the end, I think this pops and gap fills back because this is up on $CAR numbers not their own numbers remember that

4) $CAR Earnings Beat (29.41)
Stock Gapping up +$4.20 I like to see a little more push at the open towards $35+ area if it comes, its strong this morning and looks like it gearing up to push at the open then look for the stock to sell off and gap fill back down to $30.50 and under, let this set up, but for now this should push

5) $MIC Earnings Miss (43.21)
Stock Gapping down -$3.20 I like to see a little more pull at the open, but I think this $40 area is a good long for some short covering pop at the open towards $41.50-$42 before you fade it all day long to the downside, if this pulls hard at the open to $38-$39 level bottom curl on it and go long for the decent bounce

6) $PEGA Nice Earnings Beat (59.42)
Stock Gapping up +$5 I like to see small pop at the open towards $65+ if it comes then watch for topping then look to lean into this short for a nice play on it 2-4 points to the downside. More it pops better the fade for us to short it. Think we see some nice profit taking on it

7) $JACK Earnings Beat everyone likes $JACK today (78.82)
Stock Gapping up +$5 like to see small pop at the open on short squeeze to $83-$85 watch for topping then look to short the stock gap fill it a few points, if this pulls at the open hard and gap fills to $79.50 and under I would be a buyer on the stock and push it 3-4 points to the upside

8) $STZ Both Wells Fargo and DB out with BUY the weakness sell-off overdone (166.98)
Stock Gapping up +.50 took a few long at $167.50 will give it room to $165 at the open if it comes looking to bounce this to $172-$173 nothing more then that imo, but if more comes I’ll take it, all I care is to see if I can get 2-3 points on it for quick money at the open

9) $NTES Earnings Beat (232.60)
Stock Gapping down -$3 would actually pick up some here long at $229 level room to $227 think the stock actually heads north to $233-$235 yesterday it hit $238 after the bell, so watch the upside to this. If it yanks hard at open to $225 on it, I would be a buyer

10) $DPZ Earnings Miss (278.49) $DPZ always gets re bought back up on weakness
Stock Gaping down -$25 would go long around the $258 area room to add look for the stock to rebound back to $265-$268+ area then look to fade it. Normally shorts like to cover right away when stock is down -20-25 points

Notable Calls:

$NFLX Marking down a little SPY should pull so $NFLX should sell off some today for range (359.91) Would nibble some short at $359.80 room to add in case it pops quick to $361+ then look for a fade off to $355 and under like yesterday for nice easy money

$ICPT Citi out with a raise to $140PT from $106 (99.03) No gap this morning, however it did hit $101.89 but some overnight retail traders came in and sold their 6000 shares which brought it back down to $99 so I will keep an eye on it, all I need is $104 for me and I’m good

$GRMN as I said yesterday today is the day to short it. (83.20) Gaping down -$1.-$1.5 points already seeing Neutral Calls across the board think the stock sells off today to $78-$79 and under