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1) $APT Earnings Mixed (10.00)
Stock Gapping up +2.00 DO NOT BUY THIS unless you get a push at $11.50 at the open then this should squeeze towards $12.50-$13 then look for a nice 1-2 point short pullback on profit-taking on it. If small pop at open and lower lows set in look to short this back down to $9.50-$10 and under like it was in Pre-Market

2) $RVLV Earnings Miss (19.31) Multiple PT Downgrades
Stock Gapping down -3 DO NOT BUY this unless you get a chase at open to $16.50 then quick 1-1.5pts to the upside then all day slow fade back down to $16 and under, if this pulls at the open at all watch the $14-$14.50 area for bottom curl it then slow move for 2 points to the upside then grind it out

3) $MRNA Earnings Mixed (23.76) Nice topping SHORT this morning from #Janni 🙂
Stock Gapping up +3 love to see this squeeze towards $28-$29+ then look to lean into it short for a nice 2-3 point pullback on it for sweet cash money, more this pops at the open watch the Parabolic moves and then nail it short, I will be playing this, if this at all small pops to $28-$28.50 watch carefully for a nice gap-fill dump to $24-$25 on it or under then bottom curl it for a nice short cover squeeze. This is going to be the wild one for today

4) $SPCE Earnings Mixed mostly missed everywhere IMO (34.04)
Stock Gapping down -2 like to see small pop at the open towards $33-$33.50+ then top it off then look for the nice 2-3 point pullback on it if this yanks at the open hard watch the $29.50-$30 spot for fresh buyers to come in and shorts to cover should be fun today

5) $WW Earnings Beat Multiple PT increases (34.83) Guides higher in 2020
Stock Gapping up +2 like to see this push at open wait for the push to $37 then you can share to $39-$40 before this comes down 2-3 points on profit-taking, IF and I mean IF we get lucky and get a pull at the open to $35.00-$35.50 and under I would be a buyer on that for sure to the upside for 3-4 points should be fun today

6) $ALRM Earnings Mixed not impressed (44.76) Thin stock this morning
Stock Gapping up +3.25 let this push at the open towards $50 spot if it comes then watch for topping on it then lean into it short for a nice slow fader on it back to $45-$46 and under if this yanks at the open I would love a gap fill to $45-$46 area then bottom curl it then slow move to the upside

7) PLNT Earnings Mixed (81.17) Multiple PT and #Analyst saying to BUY the weakness
Stock Gapping down -4 THIN STOCK right now, Any pull at the open to $70-$72 area watch for bottom curl on it then slow nice all-day move back towards $77-$78 on it, if this pops through $78 at the open you can chase a few to $80+ then top it off then short it for 5-7 points to the downside

8) $GWPH Earnings Miss (117.05) We have played this before so be careful as always
Stock Gapping down -6 I would prefer more sell-off at the open would love to see $100-$103 area as bottom sets in and bottom curl it then short cover squeeze for 5-7 points, do NOT BUY THIS at the open unless you get a pop to $112 then quick chase to $115 then all day sell-off slow short IMO. I would love the pull and dump at open then play the nice rebound on it

9) $BYND Starbucks selects $BYND for a meatless breakfast sandwich in Canada (109.92)
Stock Gapping up +8 Like to see a possible squeeze at the open to $120-$123 area then top it off then look for nice short on it for 5-10 points to the downside if this small pops at open and lower lows set in then fade it back to $110-$112 on it then bottom curl it then slow all day move to the upside

10) $TSLA gapping down on Panasonic closing a solar plant in May (799.91) Nothing to do w/TSLA
Stock Gapping down -35 pts the obvious was to BUY the weakness in Pre-Market anything $760-$770 was a BUY BUY BUY anyway now that its moved to $795 let it pop at open towards $800-$810+ then watch for the nice pullback would love to see $770-$780 and under then we will play the bottom curl on it, Beautiful #Effortless trade this morning for me.

Notable Calls:

$PEN Earnings Miss (176.16) No MM’s on it yet Gapping down -12 do NOT BUY unless you get and open at $166-$167 then chase a few to $170-$172 top it off then all day fader on it, if this pulls at open watch the $160 and under as a bottom curl sets in for a nice range play upside

$PODD Earnings Mixed but analyst saying BUY THE WEAKNESS (196.73) Gapping down -$15 love to see this open nice towards $183-$184 if it does chase it long back to $190-$193 area then top it off and let it grind out if this pulls at open at all towards $170-$175 I would be a BUYER on this and get a nice 10 point play to the upside.

$SDC Game over!!!! Horrible guidance (11.33) Gapping down -3 I would love small pop at open then a nice rug pull to $7-$7.50 an under that’s where I would see shorts come in and start to cover for 2 points, DO NOT BUY THIS AT ALL at the open unless you see a push to $9.20 then room to $10 then all day fader on it to new lows.


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