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1) $WTW OK OK this big one today so lets be smart its already down be smart (29.57)
Stock Gapping down -12 this is a $15 stock no 2 ways about it, but we are already close, so 2 things can happen here, it pulls hard at open to $16 area and we bounce it 5 points and be down with it, OR we push at the open on short covering to $22-$23 and then we get in and fade it all day back to pre-market lows, YOU MUST wait for this to set up get in too early and it can push on you and scare you out, get in to late you will chase it.

2) $ELF Disastrous Earnings closing stores too (9.48) Multiple downgrades to $6 Tier 1’s
Stock Gapping down -$3 I would nibble a few long here at $6.85 area room to add on the pull at the open I think shorts will cover this to $7.50-$8+ at the open so watch for the pop once it covers on a quick squeeze watch for topping then look to fade the stock back down to lows

3) $SE Earnings Beat and Surprise (16.20) Multiple upgrades to $25 and $27
Stock Gapping up +$2.5 I like this to push at the open towards $19.50-$20 then profit taking will kick in and bring this back down to $17-$17.20 and under, if this dumps on profit taking at the open $17 and under look to go long on the bottom curl for slow all day move to the upside

4) $MYL Earnings Miss big surprise for SHORT sellers on this one (30.62)
Stock Gapping down -$3 took a $2 hit on this one, However will look to get my money back on it today. Look for either this to pull hard at the open towards $25 spot then long it and bounce it for 2 points on short covering, if this pops at the open on short covering to $29 spot like yesterday look to scale in short for an all day fader on it

5) $TNDM Earnings Beat (49.41) BIG BEAT
Stock Gapping up +$10 look for this to pop a little more at the open towards $62+ then watch for topping on it then look for a nice fade on back down 5-6 points on the pullback then bottom curl for more upside

6) $BBY Earnings Beat (60.31) Remember when BBY is up it likes to stay up
Stock Gapping +$7 like to see a little more push at the open towards $68-$70 area then look to scale in short and fade this back down to $63-$64 area and under, this will not give it all back on the gap but at least 2-4 points on the downside

7) $PANW HUGE Earnings Beat (235.55)
Stock Gapping up +$28 would short this baby back down to $245 and under If this pops out of the gate again to $264-$266 look to get in their SHORT and fade this for nice range 5-10 points, PANW tends to sell off some of it big gains, a lot of holders on this one will want to cash out

8) *****$INGN Earnings Miss (140.06)
Stock Gapping down -$20 I like to nibble here at $120 LONG BUT BUT this has a little more room to $115 on the pull so go lightly on it if $115 comes add afew more then look for a nice 10 point short covering bounce on the plan, that is what i am looking for on this baby, if this pops at open to $122 expect a push on it to $130+ before coming down

9) $JAZZ Nice #Earnings Beat (127.76)
Stock Gapping up +$13 I like to see this pop at the open towards $140-$142 then scale in short and look for a nice fader on it towards $130 and under, Nice beat but think we get some nice sell off on the stock

10) $GWPH Earnings Beat and Multiple upgrades (152.89) Remember GWPH tends to sell off
Stock Gaping up +17 I would nibble a few short at $170 room to add at the open, i think in the end this should sell off and gap fill to $160-$162 and under, so watch for the pull when it comes you can chase it and grab the points. If this pops at the open towards $175 let it, then nail it short

Notable Calls:

$TSLA Special announcement tomorrow at 5pm (297.86) Gaping up +$4 like to see this gap to sell off to $299 and under then bottom curl it then long it for the day maybe we see $305-$307

$IONS Earnings Beat (61.52) Gaping up +$2 like to see a nice push at the open towards $64-$65 area then look for a nice pullback on it to $62.50 and under then bottom curl on it then slow move back to the upside on it

$PM Nice upgrade to $100 from $87 from UBS (86.78) Gaping up +1 I like to scale in a few LONG at $87 area room to $85 on the dip then look for a nice all day LONG on it towards $88-$90 a share


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