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1) $MTFB Made an appt with the FDA & wants to raise money (1.61) S T U P I D
Stock Gapping up +.84 IMO this is nothing more then a pop and sell off fade to $1.80 and under the higher it goes the better the fade for us. Love to see sheep chase this crap to $3-$3.50 if it comes just watch for topping and the lower lows to set in for the all day fader on it

2) $UROV Both JPM & Cowan say Buy the weakness JPM ups PT to $24 (11.00)
Stock Gapping up +.40 took a few long at $11.40 room to add on any pullback looking for .50 to $1.00 or more on the move to the upside then I will cash out

3) $TYHT Co entered an agreement with 3 sep agreement with the Chinese Academy (1.22)
Stock Gapping up +.20 stock should run on this back to $2+ would nibble a few around the $1.35 area stocks at $1.20 risk is .15 cents see if it runs on that

4) $VNE Not seeing any significant News on this but gaping up (24.53)
Stock Gapping +$1.25 like small pop at open nail it short and simply gap fill it and be down with it, More it pops at the open on no news better the fade If you take now just give it room to add at the open

5) $TME Earnings Miss (18.57)
Stock Gapping down -$1.50 would nibble a few long at $17.10 and under look for a quick push at the open towards $18+ then scale in short for an all day fader if this pulls at the open hard to $16.50 and under I would nibble long on the bottom curl and bounce it 1-1.5pts

6) $CREE JPM securities upgrades the stock with a $74PT (57.28) SWING IDEA
Stock Gapping up +1.50 I like to see small pop then gap fill this back to $57.50 and under then bottom curl it then slow move back to pre-market highs, if this pulls at open and gap fills go long on it

7) $GIS Earnings Beat (47.24) FYI $GIS is a heavy stock and always sells off their ER gaps
Stock Gapping up +$3 I like to see this sell off to $47.50 and under then bottom curl it then slow all day move to the upside back to pre-market highs, if this by chance snaps yesterday’s close then the buy would be around $46.60-$46.80

8) $SMAR Earnings Mixed on guidance (43.44)
Stock Gapping up +$6 imo this is up too much, but let it squeeze a little more at the open towards $50-$52 then top it off and look for a nice gap fill pullback to $45 and under, Let it show you at the open, if this begins to pull to $48 and under should give you that extra 3 points on it to the downside

9) $NVRO Great News on $NVRO New CEO and adds 2 Directors (44.77) Market loves the news
Stock Gapping up +12 I like to see a little more squeeze at the open possibly to $58+ then look for the nice 5-8 point gap fill profit taking sell off, if you take SHORT now at $56 YOU must give it room to push at the open it needs to break $54-$55 to get that decent 3-5 point dump then long it and look to swing it as well

10) $FDX Earnings Miss multiple d/g on PT (181.41)
Stock Gapping down -$12 I like to see small pop at the open on short covering to $175-$178 then top it off then slow all day fader back to lows if this pulls hard at the open towards $165-$167 watch for bottom curl on it

Notable Calls:

$VIAB Saying they may stop airing on Direct TV (27.52) Gapping down -$1 would like small pop at the open for .50 to .75 then slow fader all day, if this pulls at open to $25 area go long on the stock for a move to 1-1.5 points to fill the gap

$ENTA BLOCK sale (1.6 Million Shares at $97) (103.77) Gaping down -$5 another XMAS gift if you wish to buy below $97 have room to $95 at the open swing it for a few days or possible gap fill to $100+ today on this nice pullback

$AMD this GOOGLE collaboration is BIG for $AMD I still see continue buying hence the gap up today (26.00) Gaping up +.70 like to see this gap fill back down to $26.25 area and under then nibble long for a nice slow all day move to the upside on this. Should be fun like to see $AMD to $27.50