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1) $PRTA Collaboration with $CELG (33.85)
Stock gapping up +$6 I would like to see any pop at the open if it comes back thru $41-$43+ then look for topping in the end this will gap fill back today to $35 and under imo. Collaboration  = short and gap fill in Awesomecalls

2) *********$NBRV BofA Tags a $10PT on this and a BUY rating (5.39)
Stock Gapping up +.20 no MM’s ok………..I want this, However wait for the initial open towards $6 then a nasty pullback to $5.50 and under then if you can get $5.50 and under I would look to go LONG on this and I will let you know if I have position and also I will let Twitter know. I like this for a move to $7 with some volume BUT it needs to set up first

3) $PTI Pulled there #Offering (5.16) smart move on this stupid stock
Stock Gapping up +.60 I actually would like to see a pop at open if it comes and breaks thru $6.10 look for this to move towards $6.50-$7 spot then look to short it back and gap fill it, if this yanks at open to $5.35 and under watch for bottom curl and look to go long on it, I think this heads back to $6 if it does

4) $FENC FDA granted Fast Track (9.70)
Stock Gapping up +1.30 to me all this is, is just a pop and fade for all day to the downside and gap fill it. SO with that said, look ofr any pop on chasing at the open if you can grab a few here at $11 add on room to $12 pop at open have a decent average iomo this will top off and you will be looking for a gap fill to $9.80 to $10 and under.

5) $WLL Johnson Rice out with a BUY and an aggressive PT of $58 (30.66)
Stock Gapping up +.60 If you like you can try and get some at $31.20 with room to add at the open to $30.75 and under then look to go long and hold this for a day or 2, I think in the end this heads towards $35+ in the next 4-5 days on this aggressive call. I realize the analyst isnt well known but his PT has my attention for 3-4 more dollars to the upside.

6) $XNCR Beautiful 7.3million offer at $31 a share. (32.27) took a few LONG at $30.60 will add on dips to $29 area
Stock Gapping down -1.75 pts on the offering, stock was $34 a share 4-5 days ago. I will add on this weakness as this #Offering gets filled all the way to $29 and look for this to rebound back to $31.50+ if this pops at open towards $31.50 or more I will take it be happy.

7) $INSM Morgan Stanley out with an upgrade to an Overweight with $39PT (24.38) SWING IDEA $30+ in 3-5 days imo
Stock Gapping up +.25 with no MM on it I like to see a pop at open to $26+ lean into it short gap fill it back to $24.60 and under then look to go long for an all day slow move towards $26-$27 a share. This is a great SWING upgrade idea

8) $OLED another day, another gap another move to the upside (115.97) this is just like $YY when it was at $112
Stock Gapping up +$2 this morning, I would love to see a pop at open if it comes followed by an agressive pull to $114 and under then look for a nice all day slow move towards $120 today on it. Should be fun.

9) *******$CELG Morgan Stanley Out with an upgrade and $110PT (88.27) I want this today sitting on the bid at $88.50
Stock Gapping up +.60 I want this myself but I also want the price at $88.50 to start I think this will pop at open towards $90 then look to gap fill it back to $88.50 or under then bottom curl it then look for an all day slow move to $90-$92 on this call, More it pops at open better then short to gap fill then go long

10) $FDX Earnings Mixed (251.99) FYI wall street loves this stock and already seeing upgrades so consider buying on weakness
Stock Gapping down -$2 I would consider some long at $250 add on dips at the open, don’t be scared and look for this to end up around $254-$256+ today, more it pulls better then play for us. should be fun

Notable Calls:

$JWN Talks down not going private AGAIN (49.35) Gapping down -$1.35 would consider going a few long at open to $48.50-$49+ then look to gap fill then lean into it short for an all day fader to $47.50 or under, in the end as this sets up this is going to be an all day fader.

$TAL Gaping down on no news (41.23) I would look for small pull at open followed by a long gap fill back to $41+ then look to grind it out should be fun