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1) $ARNA Phase 2 Phase 2 Phase 2 Multiple upgrades from $48 to $79 this morning (30.89)
Stock gapping up +12 this hit $42 I said to be cautious and let it consolidate a little, think $38-$39 levels are decent entries with small size to start have room to $34.50-$35.50 at the open if it comes and look for a nice pop to $42-$44 on it. Expect volume, grind and a decent ATM within the next 48 hours or sooner

2) $MRNS Mizuho out with a $13PT on this $4 stock (4.09) bought a few at $4.30 will add on dips at the open not much risk
Stock Gapping up +.32 cents think if this gap fills to add on it looking for an all day slow mover towards $5-$5.50 on it should be fun.

3) $MFGP Gaping up on Weakness from yesterday (14.01)
Stock Gapping up +.50 would like to see a nice move on this towards $15.50-$16 would conider nibbling a few here at $14.40 and look to add on any pullback at the open stock hit $15.25 this morning in Pre-Market think it gets up there today

4) $SIG JPM out this morning cutting PT from $52 to $40 (39.46) took a few short at $38.90 will add on pop gap fill
Stock Gapping down -.60 think this PT pulls it at the open on some sell off looking for a nice pull to $37 and under if it comes today., Should be fun

5) $ROKU #Oppenheimer out this morning upgrading to Perform on it plus news out about Samsung Mobile (33.85)
Stock Gapping up +2 took a few at $35.50 will add on weakness this morning looking for this to rebound back towards $36.50-$38 area if not today in the next coming days so if this gap fills quick at the open will add into position and look to swing it for a few days

6) $TKR Earnings beat raises Guidance (45.65)
Stock Gapping up +3 I would lean into this short at $48 level with room to add at the open this is up thin on guidance but after reading it don’t see to be too impressed would consider fading this back to $46.50 and under then go long on it.

7) $ORCL Earnings Miss multiple Neutrals and downgrades on it (51.95)
Stock Gapping down -$5 I actually would nibble some LONG here at $47 with range to $45 at the open if it comes and look for this to short squeeze possibly thru $49+ Then look for some topping then fade it back, if this pulls at open watch that $45 area as bottom $ORCL tends to get squeeze so watch carefully if shorts begin to cover and break thru $47.50 at the open for quick money

8) $OLED Goldman Sachs out this morning pounding the table and putting $190PT on this beaten down stock (109.00)
Stock Gapping up +3 I like to see quick pop at open thru $113-$114+ then look for some gap fill to $111 or under bottom curl it then look to go long on it would consider swinging a few depending on your entry. Stock has been beaten down for quite awhile, I think today it gets a decent rebound on it with Goldman pounding the table on it.

9) $PLCE Mixed Earnings (138.95) Caution PLCE always misses and gets bought up by Wall Street so be aware of this.
Stock Gapping down -$11 I would like to see a quick pop at open on short covering to $134-$135+ area then look to fade it and pull it back to $125 and under before going long, if this pulls at open hard to $123-$125 look to go long on it should be fun for nice range play

10) $FDX Opening MORE stores in Walmart (249.61)
Stock Gapping up +$2 I would like to see small pop at the open followed by a quick gap fill then look for an all day slow move back to highs. If $250-$250.50 would get in there long and ride it up 2-3 points on this news

Notable Calls:

$CHFS Earnings Beat (CCall going on) (4.00) Gapping up .50 would like to see small pop at the open followed by a nice all day slow fader back to gap fill or $4.25 and under should be pretty easy to read this right at the open.

$CRME announce strategic transaction (1.57) Stock gaping up +.60 I would prefer small pop at open with a little volume if we get $2.80-$3+ would consider scaling in SHORT for an all day fader, if this small pops at open with lower lows setting in just look for the all day fader on it