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1) $RBZ this is our low floater (1.1M) for today aka $HUNT (8.75)
Stock Gapping up +$3.5 I like the push off of $12 in Pre-Market think we see $20 on it, then we get a decent sell off after initial squeeze, if you missed the first move, then you will have to wait like $HUNT did yesterday once we find that bottom curl and I like it, I will screen share this and rip it as high as I can go, remember do NOT SHORT this imo unless you want to go broke fast

2) $VKTX some abstract PR/NEWS on some Trials (8.52) This is your all day BIO Fader
Stock Gapping up +$.75 I would prefer sheep to chase this at the open would love to see $9.50-$10 then look for a nice all day fader and gap fill this back to $8.75 and under

3) $AXSM FDA Grants Breakthrough Therapy for AXS-05 (14.34)
Stock Gapping up +$2.5 I like to see this push at the open towards $17-$18+ on it on short squeeze then look to fade the stock all day long back to $15 and under, imo this is nothing more then a pop and fade the news, so see if you can find shorts out their

4) $CTRM another runner today on no news (10.15)
Stock Gapping up +10 Points I like this to come down to $12 area and under if you BUY now at $13 NIBBLE lightly give it 2-3 points and once it gets through $15 we can run it back to $21+ Pre-Market highs. This should be fun today Just watch your size up on NO NEWS!

5) $SCVL Earnings slight beat “reaffirms guidance” (30.48)
Stock Gapping up +$6 this is UP waaaaaayyyyy to much imo would nibble some short here at $36.50 room to $38 at the open and look for this to gap fill back to $32-$33 and under, read the report this gap doesn’t justify it being up +$6 points, so if this dumps at the open and hits my targets watch bottom curl on it then look for slow move back to Pre-Market highs

6) $ACIA Downgrade from Morgan Stanley to $44 PT (56.15) THIS IS BIG!! BUY $48-$49 PUTS
Stock Gapping down -$2 would take some short at $54 room to add at the open and gap fill towards $55+ then look for an all day fader on it, if this yanks hard at the open below $50 cover then let it bounce 3-4 points then scale in short for an all day fader on it should be fun

7) $CNC They bought $WCG this morning (54.85) for 17 Billion dollars in cash
Stock Gapping down -$4 I like to see small pop at open to $52-$53+ then top it off then slow fader, this was an expensive transaction, so I would prefer some selling off and a pull at the open to $48-$49 area then bottom curl it then slow move to the upside, but if this pushes quick at the open watch for topping then we can fade it back to Pre-Market lows

8) $LITE Morgan Stanley out this morning put a $65PT like JPM did 3 days ago (53.41)
Stock Gapping up +$1.60 I want to SHORT this gap up like always, so look to get some at $55 add to $56 look to gap fill this back down to $53 and under, more it pulls for us and gap fill better the range for all of us. Should be fun

9) $UNF Mixed Earnings (139.24)
Stock Gapping up +$5 I would prefer small pop at the open towards $145-$147 then lean into it short look to gap fill this to $140-$141 then bottom curl on it then look to go LONG on it for slow move back to Pre-Market highs

10) $BA another day of range on the stock (370.38)
Stock Gaping up +1 I would prefer this to pop at open to $375+ then look for a decent pullback on the stock to $367 and under bottom curl then slow move back to highs, more it pulls at the open better the range for us to the upside to make decent money, I will be playing this for sure

Notable Calls:

$CVS CNC buying $WCG stock is down (55.39) gaping down -$1 Lots of PUT action yesterday looking for this to come down even more, IMO any gap fill pop at the open I would look to short the stock and look for $53 and under on it today, if this pulls hard at the open to $53 and under go LONG and gap fill it then look to fade it all day

$MYOK #Offering 4.9million at $51 (52.10) Look for this to sell off imo to $51 and under then bottom curl it then look to go long on it to $53+ Stock hit $55 already in Pre-Market so going to be a little wild be patient with it, for me I like the pull to the offering price with the amount of shares it should pull