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1) $GLG Enters into Strategic Agreement with Liten Group (2.03) Not set in stone yet
Stock Gapping +$1 like to see more pop at the open towards $3.40-$3.70 if it comes then watch for some topping let lower lows set in then look to fade it, remember this is “Str

2) $VKTX Promising results from 12 weeks study on Phase 2 (10.13) Just another pop and raise
Stock Gapping up +$1 imo any pop at the open should be followed by a gap fill sell off back to $10.40-$10.50 and under. IMO this is nothing news and overhyped, if sheep chase it at the open towards $11+ again watch for topping then fade it, if it pulls hard at the open gap fills then go LONG on it

3) $BBBY Earnings Mixed (19.41)
Stock Gapping down -$2 I would nibble some long at $17-$17.25 area and look for a 1-1.5 point bounce on the stock on short covering squeeze, if this at all pulls hard at the open to $16 and under go LONG and bounce it, stock is getting beaten down BUT lots of PT upgrades on it this morning which tells me many will buy the weakness today

4) $WTW JPM out with another downgrade and cut PT to $12 (20.54)
Stock Gapping down -$1.54 this is quite a bit already on this stock, would look for this to short cover pop at the open towards $20 spot then scale in short and fade it all day back to lows, if this at all pulls hard at the open to $18 and under go LONG on it and bounce it for 1-1.5 points then re-short it

5) $APOG Mixed Earnings (38.83) issues downside guidance
Stock Gapping down -$3 like to see a little more sell-off to $33-$34 area before we get any kind of real bounce on it for 2-3 points, if this at all pushes at the open on short covering, it will be short lived and most likely top off at $37 area then look to fade the stock all day back to lows

6) $FAST Earnings Beat (65.19) Not a huge beat imo
Stock Gapping +$2 like to see small pop at the open towards $68-$69 scale in SHORT and gap fill it into the Conference Call then look to long the Call in 45mins. Let it sell off into the call, long the call 1-2mins before the call and bounce it.

7) $FIVE Upgraded to BUY at JPM to $150 PT (129.15)
Stock Gapping up +$4 would take some short here at $134 area room to $136 pop at the open top it off and look for a nice gap fill fade to $130-$130.50 then bottom curl it then look to go LONG on it for slow all day move back to highs. More it pulls better the range to the upside, more it pops at the open better the gap fill short

8) $ICPT Phase 3 data wasn’t great safety issues (120.68) someone banked huge 1kMay100
Stock Gapping down -$12 I’d like to see this pull a little more at the open like to see $103-$105 area then bottom curl it then bounce it 4-5 points, be CAREFUL this can flush hard its thin so $100 isn’t out of the question, if this pops at open towards $112 would chase it cap it off at $115 then look for slow all day fader. This will be a tricky stock to nail so trade small on it but has range

9) $TSLA Panasonic froze Giga factory Plant put it on hold (276.06)
Stock Gapping down -$9 nibble a small LONG at $266 area room to add look for the stock to rebound towards $270-$272 then look to fade it back down, if this yanks hard at the open to $260-$261 then go LONG and bounce it for 4-5 quick points. Should be fun

10) $BA Reports and concerns their guidance maybe hit this quarter (364.94)
Stock Gapping down -$1 like to see small pull at the open towards $360 area and under bottom curl it then look to long it for 4-5 points top it off and fade it, if this pops at the open imo this will be short lived towards $365-$367 then scale in short for a nice fader on it

Notable Calls:

$NVS signed an agreement with Shionogi Co (81.93) I like the NEWS a lot much needed think the stock rebounds from here would nibble LONG at $82.30 area room to add on ANY pullback at the open look for the stock to possibly move towards $84-$85 today its been hanging around $82 last few days I think this news will help it

$NVDA Market gaping up a little (192.10) Look for a small push at open towards $193.50-$194+ then nice pullback for 1.5-2 points then bottom curl it LONG for a nice run possibly to $195+ today

$SRNE showing positive results in “discovery study” (4.09) IMO this is nothing more then a pop and fade the news, so any pop at the open towards $5 spot or more top it off and look for the all day fader on it, (Stupid Stupid Stupid)


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