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1) $ECYT Jefferies out with a BUY rating and $17PT (9.55)
Stock gapping up +.90 I would prefer for this to pop and pullback and gap fill to $9.70 and under I think this is up way to much so look for this to pop, pullback, gap fill some then go long and play it to $11-$11.50 Market is up today so should be fun

2) $CBAY HC Wainwright out with $21 PT on this (13.09) YOU know what that means ATM coming
Stock Gapping up +.15 would take a few LONG here at $13.21 risk .25 cents think the stock has room to $14.50-$15 on this call

3) $MNOV positive result s from there Phase 2 clinical Trial (13.23) MNOV can never hold its gains remember that
Stock Gapping up +$1 I like to see small pop at open followed by a nice sell off on it would be nice to get $15+ again then slow all day fader on this, imo in the end this should just simply gap fill back to $13.50 and under

4) $PLSE positive results study seborrheic (18.18) remember this is a study, not primary endpoint so pop and fade imo
Stock Gapping up +$3 I would nibble a little here LONG at $21 think you get a nice solid quick pop at open maybe to $23-$25 then look to dump right into that, IF this small pops at open and begins to pull for lower lows to set in then look for thsis to basically have an all day fader back to $19 and under on it.

5) $DBX Nomura out with a Downgrade with $21 PT OUCH (33.27) This will get hurt on that call
Stock Gapping down -$3 I love this call, but down 3 points already, 2 things will happen pull at open to $28 and under then shorts will look to cover then look for a nice squeeze to $31-$32 spot then look for an all day fader on it, if were lucky and this pops at open and simply short covers watch for that same area then look to go SHORT for an all day fader on it

6) $OSTK Bitcoin up OSTK gapping again like normal (39.20)
Stock Gapping up +$1.50 look for quick pop at open towards $42+ spot then look for a quick snap on it for a nice gap fill to $39.50 and under then look for a nice slow all day move back to highs, I like this for a quick money on the pop and short then you will get another shot at this on the bottom curl

7) $ZG Earnings Miss (53.77)
Stock Gapping down -4 I would consider BUYING some at $49 LONG and let it bounce towards $52+ at the open then look for a nice slow all day fader, imo the more this pulls at the open better the play on the gap fill to the long side. ZG always gets bought up on weakness

8) $MYOK Wells Fargo out with a $70PT BUY rating they think they will get Phase 3 approved (50.25)
Stock Gapping up +$1.60 I like to see a nice pop at open towards $53 if it comes then let it pullback and gap fill to $50.75 and under if you can get ANY of this $51 and under Take it and go LONG and hold it think stock has room to $54-$55+ today

9) $MLNX Multiple upgrades on this into Next weeks earnings seeing $90+ (77.35)
Stock Gapping up +$2.5 (as soon as I put the notes) let it pop a little more at open to $81 if it comes then lean into it some short and look to gap fill this back to $78 area and under then look to go long on it for an all day slow move to the upside

10) $STMP Comments about Postal Services needs to be revamped (219.65)
Stock Gapping down -$19 points I would consider small nibble at $202 give it room to $197 at the open wil be eyeing the bottom curl then look for this to have range and get back to $210-$212, I think this is overdone down here BUT!!! Its a good opportunity tfor investors to reload on the pullback at the open, this is a profitable stock and be aware they will buy the dip

Notable Calls:

$NFLX More upgrades at $345-$350 on this. Most BIG analyst predicting NFLX to have incredible Earnings (309.25) Gapping up +$8 I like to see small pop at open maybe to $319+ then look to scale in SHORT and look for a gap fill pullback to $311-$312 then look for more upside on it for an all day slow move back up

$FTI I look for this to continue with strength as the market is solid and gapping up today (32.34) Stock was gapping down -1pt now heading back this is a GS upgrade from yesterday so look for this to head higher today towards $34-$35 should be fun to buy on any dips

$DPW with Bitcoin back in play these last few days this should see some play today “Former Runner” (1.20) gapping up .20 woul take a few at $1.40 with room to add and lets see if it has some legs underneath it for a nice little run to $2 today if not iot will just pop at open and fade off. So watch to see if lower lows set in.


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