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1) $DCAR Earnings Beat (1.91)
Stock gapping up +.80 Imo this is nothing more then a gap fill short to $2 and under. So have fun and any pop at the open imo is just an add to your short. Take it to $2 and under

2) $KTOS Gapping up on XLK related news (10.97)
Stock Gapping up +$1 any pop at open to me simply is a short so keep an eye if it pops and begins simply to gap fill back to $11 and under

3) $JNPR Goldman out to short this with a sell rating to $21 from $26 (25.41)
Stock Gapping down -$1.50 2 ways this pulls hard at the open to $22-$22.50 then look to play the bounce on it and gap fill some to $24.80+ then look for it to top off and fade all day, if this pops at all at open to same area begin shorting at $24.80-$25.25 for an all day fader on it

4) *****************$EBAY MORGAN STANLEY upgrade to Overweight 2 jumps on it from $36 to $58 (40.61)
Stock Gapping up +$2 I love the upgrade so watch for an agressive pop out of the gate then wait for the pullback on it to $41.50 and under then scal ein some long and begin your journey to the upside all day on it, with this u/g PT stock should head to $45 within a week or so

5) ********$RARE Multiple Upgrades across the board all around $72-$80+ over 12+ upgrades on PT (54.68)
Stock Gapping up +$2 I would prefer a little more pop at open to $57.50-$58 the key to this is nailing the gap fill pullback to go long, I would love to be buying this at $55.50 and under, so I will see how it sets up, in the end this should head to $60+ today so if you want to buy this gap up then just know you need to add on the pullback

6) $AMAT Gapping down on $LRCX earnings (57.86)
Stock Gapping down -$1.86 I like this to be bought on weakness, so would consider taking a few at $56 area room to add at the open then watch for bottom curl on it then look for slow all day move to the upside back to fill the gap, this is getting hurt on someone else’s earnings remember that

7) $CSX Earnings Beat (56.57) always stays in range between $55-$60 for the last 6 months to 1 year
Stock Gapping up +$3 I would prefer the short side of this and scale in some at $59+ area room to $60 at the open this company always fills there gaps first then stock moves back up, I like to see a pull to $57.25 and under then bottom curl it to go long for all day slow move back to highs

8) $TXT Earnings Beat (59.94)
Stock Gapping up +$4 I like to see a little more pop at the open towards $65+ area then lean into it short gap fill it back to $61 and under on profit taking then look for an all day slow move to the upside, if this simply pulls at the open to $61 and under watch for bottom curl on it then look to go long

9) $VMW Ichan showing interest in the company taking a “soft” stake in the company (131.88)
Stock Gapping up +$6 I like to short this and fill the gap on it, so if this pops at open to $138+ watch for the topping to come in real quick and look for the gap fill fade on it, More it pops better the fade, if this pulls at open just cover your short around $133 and under.

10) $LRCX Earnings Miss However Multiple upgrades across the board with tons of PT increases (212.33)
Stock Gapping down -$10 I would consider nibbling a few long at $200-$202 BUT you must be patient if this pulls at open I would be buying 210-220 calls on this pullback weekly’s. In the end I think bottom will be found quick and traders will be buying the weakness and loading up

Notable Calls:

$FSLR BofA Tags a BUY rating on this today (72.68) from $75 to $83 Gapping up +$2 I would consider scaling in short here at $74.80 room to $76.50 at the open on this upgrade I would be eyeing the pop and gap fill short back to $73 and under then look to go long on it

$ADTN Earnings Miss (16.05) gapping down -$1.25 I would consider nibble a few long out of the gate and look for some gap fill thru $15-$15.25+ then look for a possible all day fader on it, higher it pops better the short, if this pulls at open $13 would be bottom imo

$SIG CEO buys 8980 shares values at 350K, I like this play here at $39.50 area stock gapping up a little would buy the gap up add on dips think this can run to $41-$42 on this insider buy, watch Spartan in case he calls it out long


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