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1) $DXR positive study on Cardiac Patients (7.78)
Stock gapping up +$3.00 IMO this is nothing more then a short gap fill all day fader to $8.50 and under, so watch any pop at the open towards $11 and look for the topping then just sit back and fade it all day back. Collect on the way down

2) $ACET earnings miss and looking to do some strategic analysis to save there company (7.40)
Stock Gapping down HUGE pver 50% would nibble some LONG at $3.10 room to $2.50 at the open then look for a move to $5 then dump it and move on think in the end we get $5 and move on it

3) $EGHT Oppenheimer out with a BUY rating and $25PT (19.50)
Stock Gapping up +$1.50 on this volume any pop at open at $21 would get in there an short it and gap fill this quick to $19.60 and under then look to go long on it, otherwise do not buy it until it gap fills

4) $SIEN announce FDA approval on PMA (11.05)
Stock Gapping up +$1.50 look for this to pop at the open a few more towards $12-maybe even see $13 then watch the topping on it I think in the end this will top off and fade back to $11.25 and under. So lets see how high we get on the initial pop at the open before getting in there short

5) $NVCR DB out this morning with a BUY rating and $29PT (23.80)
Stock Gapping up +$1.20 imo just wait or short any pop at open and gap fill this back to $24 and under at the open then nibble a few long I think this will have a slow all day move back to $25.30 pre-market highs, if you wish to nibble a few long here at $24.25 thats fine just add on any pullback at the open to go long

6) $ROKU Oversold yesterday many bought the weakness to $30 and overnighted it (31.72)
Stock Gapping up +$1 imo this is a buying opportunity and I would be looking to see if this pulls at all at the open back to $31 and under if it does I would consider taking some long and adding on any pullback looking for this to rebound back to $34-$35 into upcoming Earnings in other words if this pulls at all again consider buying the weakness

7) $SNBR Earnings Miss (36.51)
Stock Gapping down -$6.51 imo I would take a few on this long here at $30.70 area room to add at the open think this should bounce back to $32-$33 on short covering at the open before selling off on an all day short . More this pulls at the open better the bounce play for us, but look for shorts to cover on this a few points to the upside before selling off

8) $SCG gapping done a few on thought of DOJ may soon approve TRCO deal (37.21)
Stock Gapping down -$1 would like to see this have a small pull at the open to $36 and under once the pull stops would buy the bottom curl on it then look to fill the gap back up to $37+ by end of the day. lets see how it plays out at the open

9) $AXP Earnings Beat as I told you all last night before the close that they would do great (95.15)
Stock Gapping up +$4 I like to see small pop at open maybe get thru $99+ again then top it off then look for slow fader to gap fill back to $96 and under, AXP tends to sell on earnings pops and gap fill before legging up so it should be a decent slow fader for us once it sets up

10) $CLX MS out this morning with a sell rating and $116PT (126.72) nibbled some short at $124 this morning will add on pops
Stock Gapping down -$3 imo this should end up an all day fader on it if this pops at open to $125 or more will add into this looking for a top off then an all day slow fade to $120 or under on this call

Notable Calls:

$LRCX pulling down hard this morning another analyst out this morning to buy the weakness (203.77) picked a few up at $199 will add on dips at the open will buy and hold it looking for 2-4 points on a rebound will give this room to play out.

$YNDX DB out this morning pounding the table to BUY BUY BUY the weakness with a $45PT (34.98) Gapping up +.60 would take some long at $35.55 area add on dips at the open give it some room to $34.75 have an average and look for this to head back to $36-$37 either by today or tomorrow, this is our EBAY for today

$HMNY 30million offering at $2.75 (4.00) Gapping down HUGE this is what I did expect would happen, imo this this the final coffin to show investors they just don’t care about anything but bleeding the company dry. Agree with Pete B when this touchs $1.50 are THEN and only then I will consider buying again. Today shows shareholders in the end there nothing, to me this is DRYS part 2