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1) $MBIO reports positive gene therapy results (2.66)
Stock Gapping up +5 I’d like to see this squeeze at the open towards $11+ so don’t short it yet, let it show us once the lower lows set in we should get the fade, but be careful, I will walk it with you, if this sells off at the open under $5 spot watch carefully for the shorts or the buyers to come in and begin to squeeze this stock has room

2) $STNE Earning Miss and lowers guidance (34.74)
Stock Gapping down -$5 I’d like to see this possibly sell off a little more at the open towards $27 and under then look for a 2-3 point short covering pop then slow fader back to more lows, if this at all pushes at the open towards $31-$33 area top it off and look to fade the stock ALL DAY!!!

3) $SKX Earnings Miss lowers guidance slight (35.28)
Stock Gapping down -$6 like to see this get to $30.50+ at the open then chase it long for a short covering pop towards $32.50-$33+ then top it off then slow all day short on it, if this yanks at open to $27.50 and under I would be a buyer and play it 2-4 points on short covering and fresh buyers to come in on it

4) $SNBR Earnings mixed (48.03)
Stock Gapping down -$6 would nibble some LONG here at $41 area room to $39 at the open stock should rebound back to $43-$44 then slow grinder side ways on it. More it pulls from here if it does better the play to the upside

5) $JBHT Deutsche Bank puts a SELL rating and $83PT on this baby (98.51)
Stock Gapping down -$3 like to see this quick pull at open towards $90 and under then quick bounce to $95+ then top it off then look for an all day bleeder short on it, if this pops at the open towards $97+ scale in short for an all day fader on it

6) $TEAM Earnings miss guidance mixed not impressive (111.19)
Stock Gapping down -$11 would like to see this pop at open towards $105-$106 on some short covering then look for the stock to fade back towards $101 and under, if this yanks at open $100 and under go LONG and play the 4-5 point bounce, should be fun today

7) $ARGX Moving up this morning on NO significant news (115.00)
Stock Gapping up +$7 would be short the $123 and add on any pop out of the gate look for the stock to head back to $116 and under then bottom curl on it then look for the stock to make a nice move back to pre-market highs

8) $URI Gaping up on slight Earnings beat reaffirms guidance (125.76)
Stock Gapping up +12 imo this should gap fill back to $127.50 and under, so nibble some short here at $137 if you like, room to $140 on the squeeze watch for topping then look for the decent gap fill pullback on it, should be fun

9) $NFLX should have 1 more day in it to play with range (354.74)
Stock Gapping flat, would nibble some at $354 area room to add on any pull at the open towards $350 stock should get bought up again in that area, see the stock heading towards $360+ today so let it set up, harder the pull if any at the open better the range to the upside on it

10) $BA Let’s see how this plays out to market Flat should have some range (377.52)
Stock Gapping up +1 like to see small pop at the open towards $380 then look for a decent 3-5 point pullback on it then slow all day mover on it back to pre-market highs, let this pop and pullback then look for a nice move to the upside

Notable Calls:

$LL BUY BUY BUY $11.80 and under Whintey Tilson is saying BUY the stock (Used to be HUGE short seller on it) Look for the stock to have a decent push and run to $12.75 possibly $14 on it

$FBIO Moving up on $MBIO news since $FBIO owns 38% of it (1.46) Gaping up +.80 would like to see small push at the open towards $2.50-$3 watch for topping on it then look for the all day bleeder on it towards $1.75 and under

$CGC DJ Canopy Growth Announces Plan To Acquire Leading U.S. Multi-State Cannabis Operator, Acreage Holdings (45.07) Stock should have a nice day to the upside on it imo and continue to follow the BofA path