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1) $ADMA FDA approval on ASCENIV (4.07)
Stock Gapping up +$2.20 I like to see this pop and be chased at the open towards $7+ then watch for topping on it then look for lower lows to set in then slow fader back to $5-$5.25 and under, imo I don’t think this will hold let it set up

2) $SGMO announce positive Data with PFE on Phase 1/2 (9.53)
Stock Gapping up +$5 I think this is up way too much on a phase 1/2 BUT the stock is thick, so I would prefer a little more pop at the open towards $15-$16 once lower lows set in then we nail the short for 2-3 points, BUT let it snap $13 level to confirm. So don’t get in too fast let it set up then we get the short

3) $OSTK Gaping up cause Bitcoin is finally up a little (16.22) SO STUPID
Stock Gapping up +$1.10 like to see a squeeze at the open towards $18+ if it comes then look for the short and look to gap fill this back to $16.50 and under, if this pulls at all at the open and gap fills to $16.50 and under go LONG on the bottom curl and walk it back up

4) $ANGO Earnings Miss (25.01)
Stock Gapping down -$2 would like to see small push at the open then a straight down pull flush to $20 and under then look to long it off the bottom for 1-2 points for quick money, if this pulls hard at the open under $20 go LONG and bounce it for a few points

5) $COMM Credit Suisse out with a Outperform and $34 PT from $20 (22.23) BUY $27-28 CALLS
Stock Gapping up +$1.10 I like to see small pop at open towards $$24+ then lean into it short and look for a nice gap fill towards $22.75 and under then bottom curl it then look to go long on it for slow all day move to the upside. More it pops better the short BUT if this pulls and gap fills then go long on it

6) $APU to be acquired by $UGI (31.13)
Stock Gapping up +$3 look for small pop towards $35+ then actually you can short it for 1 point or more it should trade between $33 and $35 today so keep an eye on it if it pops their should get some profit taking to take it down -1 point or so

7) $UGI buying $APU (55.39) This is good for $UGI
Stock Gapping down -$3 would actually LONG at $51.50 area room to $50 on any pullback stock should rebound back to $53-$54 and settle should be an easy trade

8) $WBA Earnings Disaster (63.49)
Stock Gapping down -$9 would nibble small here LONG at $56 small room to $55 on the pull back looking for the stock to rebound some back to $58-$59 area before topping off and fading it. Looking for shorts to want to cover some at the open so look for it. More it pulls if it does from here better the play to the upside

9) $LW Earnings Beat (73.97) stock is acting as if they are bought out
Stock Gapping up +$6 like to see this rip a little more at the open towards $80-$83 area if it comes then watch for topping then slow fader back to $75-$76 on profit taking, let it rip first at the open if this pulls to $78 area at the open you can chase for the other -$3 points to the downside

10) $CVS Gaping down on $WBA Earnings (54.19)
Stock Gaping down -$1.50 would nibble some LONG here at $52.50 room to $51.90 area look for the stock to rebound back towards $53.50+ remember WBA is the one that got hurt today, CVS shouldn’t be down like this so watch for rebound on the stock

Notable Calls:

$CLVS Presents Interim results Phase 2 (24.25) Gaping up +$1 I like to see this gap fill towards $24.50 area or under then look to long the stock, if you take now at $24.80 have room to add looking for the stock to rebound nice towards $26-$27 today on their news

$APYX withdrew an application reaffirms FY19 and Q1 rev (6.95) Gaping down -$2 I like to nibble some long here at $4.26 room to $3.50 to add think the stock runs back to $5-$5.50 today, so keep an eye on the bottom curl on it

$LYFT Another day, another sell of on this Crap Stock. (68.50) Gaping down -$3 more today, Today I’d like to see this head towards $59-$60 on the continued sell-off on it.