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1) $AGMH Recent IPO Blockchain, also same underwriters of $LFIN also 1.3 million float (8.48) RISKY TRADE
Stock gapping up $5 would take a small nibble LONG here at $13 looking for a decent pop at open on this float if we get it this could rocket to $20 if this begins to pull and breaks $12 and under look for a quick flush then a solid bottom curl and another solid push and run towards $20 this is risky but given the tiny float this could get going.

2) $VXRT Receives $5 million in Milestone Payment (5.57)
Stock Gapping up +$1 I like the news, great for the company but in the end I think this just pops and fades so look for a move towards possibly $6.80-$7 at the open watch for topping on it then look to fade this back to $5.80 and under higher it goes imo better the fade on it

3) **********$CLW HUGE Earnings Miss (40.45)
Stock Gapping down -$14 I like this down here I think we could see even a little more at the open I’m a nibbler LONG at $25 and under then I’ll be watching for a decent bounce on it for short covering towards $30+ then look to fade this back down all day. This is only a scalp play ONLY do not buy and hold they had terrible guidance traders

4) $SKX Earnings Miss and issues lite guidance (42.08) Multiple downgrades on this big miss by #CITI (though they would imo)
Stock Gapping down -$11 I like to nibble a fe where at $31 level LONG add on room to $29 at the open looking for a quick pop and short cover to maybe $33-$34 then look for this to be an all day fader, imo this should pull at open then pop for quick covers. so lets see if it works out like I want it to

5) *******$IONS expands strategic collaboration with $BIIB gets 1 Billion in cash includes 625mil 11.5mil stock purchase (45.85)
Stock Gapping up +$4 normally I like to gap fill collaborations but this one with stock purchase of 11million shares and the cash recieved I’m looking for this to long at $50.50 and $51 at the open then let it push to $54-$55 before fading back, BUT if this begins to set in lower lows then look for room to $47 on the pullback, I am a buyer at $47 if this pulls.

6) $TEAM Earnings Miss (62.27)
Stock Gapping down -$7 seeing analyst out there saying BUY the weakness, so if this pops even a little at the open towards $56 I woul dbe a buyer and gap fill this back to $57+ on short covering, if this pulls at open towards $52-$53 look to go long and bounce it.

7) $MSCC to be acquired by MCHP thanks Mav (62.08)
Stock Gapping up +$3 I like to actually nibble some long and let it pop out of the gate and get up to $66.50-$67 at the open then possible fader on it for 1-2 points to the downside

8) $WM Earnings Mixed lite on Guidance (82.69)
Stock Gapping down -$2.50 I like to see a quick push to $83+ then possible topping on it then sell into the call then long the call, play the pop at the open for quick money then watch for topping on it.

9) $SWK Earnings Miss (154.57)
Stock Gapping down -$6 would nibble a few long here at $148 room to $145 at the open will be eyeing a nice bounce on it towards $150-$152+ then look to fade it back down.

10) ******$PVTL IPO priced 37 Million shares at $15 (0.00)
Stock Gapping none, I like this to open at $18-$19 and below and I will be nibble some and add on dips if it pulls I think in the long run this will be a solid winner Note “DELL will control majority of the company” Tier 1 underwriters. Over $25 open I will probably be a spectator until this settles down

Notable Calls:

$MRTN Earnings Miss (23.35) This is gapping down over 1.5 points like to see it open at $20-$21 and under then look for small pop towards $22+ then scale in short for an all day fader on it. I think this will get hurt like SKX and even get below $20 if this pulls hard at open to $20 and under grab a few play the bounce then look to short it.


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