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1) $SNOA Announce FDA approval on SKIN GEL (3.63) SKIN means SHORT in AC
Stock gapping up +$1.25 would scale in short at $4.70 room to add on any pop at open look for all day fader gap fill to $3.75 and under.

2) $CNAT Miss on Phase 2 (6.01)
Stock Gapping down -$2 look to buy the weakness at $4 and under and buy and hold think this can get going to $5+ on it.

3) $LFIN SHORT SQUEEZE off of $11.80 (11.61)
Stock Gapping down early this morning on terrible CNBC interview just as before, look for this to pop at open maybe we get $13.50-$14 before then look for the sell off, it this pulls at open hard to $10 and under go long on it. should be fun

4) $CONN Earnings miss (35.85)
Stock Gapping down -$4 I like to see a small pop at open towards $32-$33 on it before it begins to fade off on it, if this pulls hard at open look for a nice bounce off of $28-$28.50 for 2-3 points. I’m simply hoping for a pop and all day fader on it.

5) $CLLS 5.6Million at $31 I LOVE IT!!! (33.10) LONG a few at $31.50 already will add as it pulls $1 risk imo
Stock Gapping down -$2 I like to see any pull at open towards $30.50 IF it comes and looking to add and hold for a few days. I like this stock alot and feel this will get bought up quickly on the offering price. Took starter at $31.50 will add all the way to $30 as a gift if it comes. Looking for .50 to $1.00pt or more

6) *********$HRTX Evercore out with a $56PT Buy rating on this stock (28.30) SWING IDEA
Stock Gapping up +1.70 on very little volume. Wait for the pop and drop and gap fill I like to start at $29 and under to begin the LONG then look for any pull and gap fill closer to $28.50 the better BUT I don’t think you will get it, imo BUT if it comes go LONG

7) $INNT Gapping up on no news (35.16)
Stock Gapping up +$4 I like to see small pop at open followed by a nice gap fill pull back to $36-$36.50 or more watch for the gap fill then look to go long a few and take it back to $40+ I like the set up but need it to come down on it.

8) $SGH Think this simply heads up to $48 today and gets bought up on weakness (45.66)
Stock Gapping up +.60 would take some long at $46.30 add on dips then look for a nice pop towards $47 look for the pullback then if this at all hits below $46 again watch the bottom curl on it and add to it in the end this should rebound back up

9) $CHFS Former run with some PR getting the pop it needs (2.65) This thing can run traders
Stock Gapping up .90 would consider taking a few LONG at the open let it push thru $4+ if it comes then look for some gap fill pullback on it then look for bottom curl then look to go long on it once the volume comes in underneath it. If this pulls at open gap fills to $3 I will be watching the volume to push it higher if it comes.

10) ******$TTD Piper out this morning with BUY rating and $63PT (47.90)
Stock Gapping up +$2 thin, I would scale in some SHORT here at $49.90 with room to add on the pop at open look for this to gap fill back to $48.50 and under if it does and look for all day slow move to the upside, This should get up there and with upcoimg earnings this is why Piper is out pushing the stock, I like it but need to gap fill first

Notable Calls:

$FB Positive news and fixing the issues bringing back investor confidence (155.10) Stock gaping up +$6 would consder buying 170+ weekly calls for next week, on this I think imo this will have more upgrades over the next few days, bottom line they are fixing there issues, coming clean and explaining the true damage is what they needed to do.

$FNSR Stupid Upgrade from Morgan Stanley (14.70) Upgrades to Overweight but drops the price to $20 from $21 Just plain stupid. Gaping up +$1 imo I would consider taking a few short at $15.75 room to $16.50+ at the open gill the gap on the short then look for the stock to bottom curl and move up back to Pre-Market highs

$HMNY Popping on buying MoviePhone ($3.08) Gaping up +.25 I think this continues to trend a little higher today, maybe we see $3.75+ on it again, like I said constant PR with this company until the big one comes then the stock will truly fly. This is just tid bits imo