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1) $LFIN Gaping up for another run today (19.14)
Stock gapping up +3 Like to see a push at open to $25-$27 for quick money, wouldn’t be surprised if we see $30 even so play the quick pop in an out. Do NOT marry this. If this yanks at open to $20 and under watch for bottom curl then look to go long on it.

2) $NLNK Getting smashed on INCY (7.32) Think this is overdone, will be looking for a move to $5-$5.50 off these lows
Stock Gapping sown -$3 took a few long at $4.33 will add at the open to $3.50 if it comes then look for a nice slow move to the upside. In the end I think this rebounds nice.

3) $CDXS Offering 3.75 at $9.25 (10.70)
Stock Gapping down -$1 I would look to by this one at $9 spot or under, I think this will pull a little more then the offering price and if we get $8.80 and under I would consider taking a few long on it. Should be fun to bounce it, the size of th offering is small imo

4) $RIOT Could get another push today maybe we see $8.50-$9 (7.22)
Stock Gapping up +.30 would take a few LONG here at $7.50 not much risk here for .30 would take a few add on any pull at the open then look for a nice little pop at open push maybe we see thru $8+ remember former runner, lots of eyes on this today

5) $CRSP Goldman out with “1” Call today BUY RATING on $CRSP to $86PT (42.67) This has been broken down really hard last 10 days
Stock Gapping up +2.30 Typically this would pop and sell off and dump back down to $43 and under, BUT this was $55 10 days ago and fell off the cliff to $40 I think if it does pull I would consider SWINGING some back to $50 spot or more. I love the call and I love Goldman Behind it I also think MORE Tier1 will come in and back up Goldman CRSP is a good BIO company to pick up on weakness

6) $PYPL $AMZN considering taking payments thru Alexa less usage of Pay Pal (76.95)
Stock Gapping down -$1.50 I like to see a pull at open if it comes to $74 and under then watch for bottom curl on it play the quick bounce then look for a slow sell off, more it pulls at the open better the bounce. If this pops at all at the open towards $76+ I would look to short it.

7) $MU Nomura pounding the table to go long still sees $100PT (49.84) My guess is there customers are hurting
Stock Gapping down -$2 I would take a few long here at $47.50 room to $46 at the open and I think this rebounds back to $48+ $49 more it pulls better a buying opportunity . If this pops at open then sell into the pop and let it play out.

8) $INCY Phase 3 STUDY did NOT meet primary endpoint (83.07)
Stock Gapping down -$19 I like to see this pop a little then possible all day fader on this to $57 and under. If this pulls hard at open and breaks $64 I think we see a nice sell off to $57-$58 (I’m actually surprised this isn’t lower) If this pops at open towards $70+ watch for topping on it then look to fade it off all day imo

9) $NKTR Getting hit on MRK and INCY News (101.44)
Stock Gapping down -$7 I would consider nibbling some at $94 area room for a pull at open if it comes will be eyeing for a bounce to $97-$98 on it. If this pops at open sell into it watch for topping then possible pullback on it

10) $WYNN Possible BUY out talks with MGM (181.24)
Stock Gapping up +9 this morning, I would consider taking a few long at $183 room to add on any pull at the open towards $181 and then look for a nice slow move to the upside back to pre-market highs like to see $188+ on this today

Notable Calls:

$FB Job Numbers out Mixed reaction think we get some upside to $FB today (159.34) Gapping down -$2 would take a few long at $157 area room to $155 watch for bottom curl think we get slow all day move to $160+ on it.

$CLLS Yesterdays Offering (29.00) Looking for this to possibly rebound towards $31 mark or more, if this pulls at open towards $28 level I will look to add a little more and hold it. I think once this gets filled this will bounce plus this is very cheap down here for this stock