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1) $TNDM Ok ok ok ………Piper out with Overweight with $13PT from $8 (8.90)
Stock gapping up +.60 I think they will try and get this to $10 today so if this yanks at open and gap fills nibble a few but be aware I think this is propping for an offering to set price so for you shorts I would smile if this hits $10+ then look to possibly overnight it and short it in case the offering prices after the close

2) $HUYA Friday’s Great IPO told you all to overnight and sell the gap up (16.06)
Stock Gapping up +.85 I would like to see this pop , pull, bottom curl then look for this to head towards $17-$17.50 lets see how it sets up at the open

3) $SYMC Earnings MIXED Beat holding investor Briefing call today (19.52)
Stock Gapping up +$2 I would consider shorting this gap up, I would nibble a few short at $21+ add on any pop at the open if this breaks $20.75 and under look for this to fade back down and fill most of the gap

4) $ACIA This is the big one 30% of $ACIA revenue is based on ZTE Trump’s Tweet is everything to this company (31.50)
Stock Gapping up +$6 well well well, all I can say is that nothing is concrete this is all speculation on a tweet! Did you see Trump sign anything and display his signature,…Bottom line I would like to see this simpky gap fill back to $33 and under watch for pop and topping on it then look to fade it.

5) $MZOR Earnings Mixed (55.60)
Stock Gapping down -$1 I would like to see small pop at the open maybe we get to gap fill it back to $55.70 area then slow fader on it, if this pulls at open hard look for $52 and under for bottom curl, this one you have to wait for the set up.

6) $AMAT Citi out with Top Pick and $78PT (54.84)
Stock Gapping up +$1 I like the call BUT>>>>>>>look closely this has been bought up over the last 10 days imo II think people knew about this so watch for the standard pop at open to $56.50-$57 then look to short it back down I would love to see if this comes all the way down to $54 and under, BUT if it simply gap fills at $55 then nibble small LONG and see if it hold then get +42 pts on it

7) $LITE Gapping up on Positive Trump Tweet (63.10)
Stock Gapping up +$4 In the end nothing is in writing this is all up on speculation so if this pops again to $67-$68 I would look to fill the gap back down to $64 and under then look to go long on it. If this simply pulls at the open and fills the gap then look to bottom curl on it and go long

8) ******$WDC JPM out HUGE this morning with $120 PT (78.80) This is a beat down stock would BUY 90 weekly calls on this
Stock Gapping up +$1.75 I love this call and want this trade BUT i will be a little patient and see if I can get $79.50 and under since we have a gap up on it already, then I will go long, I’m tempted to go long here at $80.45 but I’d rather see if I can get it cheaper

9) $NXPI Positive Trump Tweet + possiblity of $QCOM merger may happen (99.01)
Stock Gapping up +$11.50 imo I would consider shorting around $110 stops at $112 if you want to see if it pops at the open to $112 then watch for topping in the end, nothing is in writing its all speculation and to me that tells me that this should fade back down to $105 and under, I would be eyeing the short on this more then anything

10) $UPS BofA out this morning with a BUY rating and $144PT form $120 (115.45)
Stock Gapping up +$2 I would like to see a small pop at open to $118-$119 then top it off then look to short this and gap fill it back down to $116 and under then look for bottom curl then look to go long on it for a slow all day move back to highs

Notable Calls:

$FMC Goldman out with a BUY rating with $114PT from $99 (88.90) I like the call look for a complete gap fill back down to $89 and under before going long, typical GS call pops and then fades sometimes even a dollar or 2 lower then Friday’s close then look to go long on it

$AAOI Gapping up on Trump positive Tweet on desire for ZTE lifeline (31.78) Gapping up +$1 would like to see small pop at open to $33.50+ then look for a nice gap fill back to $32 and under then look for bottom curl then look to go long on it slow all day move to the upside

$DGLY Stupid PR gaping up .50 (2.60) Short sellers you know what to do, Just gap fill this back down to $2.50 no matter what it pops too at the open