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1) $CLWT decent numbers this morning on the stock (3.18)
Stock gapping up +1.40 would like to see this push a little more at the open towards $5-$5.50 if it comes then look for lower lows to set in then look for potential all day long on it should be fun

2) $PFNX Halted yesterday on positive 24 week results this is up thin and imo it should just be an all day fade
Stock Gapping up thin +$1.40 any pop at open if you can find shares look to fade this back down all day long to $6.25 and under to me this is nothing more then a pop and fade the news. Higher it pops watch for topping and look to short it, but right now It looks like a small pop and fade on it

3) $VIPS Slight Earnings miss Nothing huge (15.09) Typically when this hits $11.50 are on earnings it gets squeezed
Stock Gapping down -$3 points Nibbled a few LONG at $12.21 I may be early but just looking for a quick .50-$1 short covering pp at the open if this pulls to $11 I will be adding to my position, 1 thing about this stock it tends to short squeeze

4) $SWCH Earnings Miss and disappointing guidance (15.47)
Stock Gapping down -$1.50 I would like to see small pop at open towards $15+ on short covering then look to go short for an all day fader on it, If this pulls at open towards $13.50 spot or under take a few long on it.

5) $NTLA Chardan out with $57.50 PT Buy rating (24.59) Note NTLA never can hold any gap up on any PT increase
Stock Gapping up +$2 to me this is a simple short and gap fill back down to $24.75 and under then nibble a few long on the bottom curl then nail it long for a slow move back to Pre-Market highs, it has range so should be fun. More it pops if it does better the fade on it.

6) $CRSP Chardan out with a $72.50PT BUY rating this is lower then Goldman (56.78)
Stock Gapping up +$2.23 this GAP always gets filled on any upgrade like this so short anything above $58.50 and gap fill it back down to $56 are or under then look for this to small curl then go long, think this was leaked yesterday hence why the push all day long towards $56, bottom line fill the gap first

7) $A Earnings Miss lowers guidance (69.21)
Stock Gapping down on -$5 I like the pullback here, would consider a small pop at the open towards $65-$66 for quick money watch for topping then look to fade it off all day long, if this pulls hard at the open towards $62 area watch bottom curl on it then look to go long and play a nice 3-4 point bounce on it, Should be fun

8) $WDC $120 PT yesterday from JPM and today they announce 1 Billion Buyback (81.12) Keep those 90 Calls I suggested yesterday
Stock Gapping up +$2 I like it here anything below $82 IMO is a BUY so any pull at open would consider scaling in LONG on it, I think this has potential to touch $84-$85 even in a down market, if this pulls to $79-$80 just add or be an aggressive BUYER

9) $ULTA Oppenheimer out with $280PT from $220 (NOTE Earnings release May 31st sounds like they know something) (247)
Stock Gapping up +$4 would actually look to buy $260 Call on this upgrade and into earnings also look for this to totally gap fill after initial pop and look for a nice fader on it to $248 and under then look to go long for slow all day move back to Pre-Market highs

10) $TSLA Accident and DownGrade from Morgan Stanley to $291 PT from $376 this is HUGE!!! (291.97)
Stock Gapping down -$9 2 ways if this pops at open thru $285 would take some long and gap fill it back to $288-$290 before fading it, if this pulls at open to $275-$278 expect a solid 5-7 point bounce. Lets see how it sets up, right now it looks like it wants to pop at open off $283

Notable Calls:

$IMTE Gapping up on No News (18.95) THIN Stock Gapping up +4 today, would wait for total gap fill to $19.50 and under watch for some bottom curl and nibble a few long think this has room to get back to $21-$23+

$WTW Buy rating with Sun-Trust with $90PT (78.76) Gapping up +.90 would consider full gap fill after initial pop, look for bottom curl at $79 and under then look to go long and slow all day move towards $80-$81 on this call today

$*****MDGL Market down this always PULLS so let me now what you see out there this has HUGE range would short it today on the gap down normally it falls hard when market pulls

$SORL had BIG numbers today so keep an eye on it good get moving