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1) $MNK files suit in Federal court agains US Dept on drug rebates (13.03)
Stock Gapping down down -$4.50 I would be nibbling the long at $8.75 room to $8 at the open looking for MNK to head back towards $10 spot or more on short covering Take money on the way up I would love to rip it at the open and be down with it. More it pulls imo better the range to the upside

2) $ARRY announce positive results from the interim analysis of Phase 3 (20.96)
Stock Gapping down -$1.75 this is nothing more then BUY the weakness at $20 $20.50 area and let this rip back to Pre-Market highs of $23 this is good news for ARRY just over zealous profit takers got in too fast too much and stock ripped down, if this pulls again at the open bellow $20 I would be a buyer on the stock on the bottom curl

3) $ARWR Going to be joining the S&P 600 Great for Shareholders (18.94)
Stock Gapping up +$1.50 love to see this push at open towards $21.50-$22+ then look for 1-1.5 point pullback bottom curl it then go long on it, this should NOT gap fill on this news, this is BIG news for the company. If this at all pulls to $19.50 and under I would be a BUYER on the stock

4) $LITE great news 90 day license from DOC to work with Huawei (44.42)
Stock Gapping up +$3 like to see this one REALLY get going this got hit the most on the Huawei news. Would actually long the stock at $46 area add on dips looking for the stock to head towards $49-$50+ either today or in the next day or 2 this is good news for the stock, ANY PULL At the open is a BUYING opportunity remember that!!!!!!!!

5) $KSS Earnings Miss, Misses on Guidance (62.91)
Stock Gapping down -$6.50 like to see more of a sell off to $52-$53 at the open then bottom curl on it then slow gap fill towards $56-$58, if this at all pops at open towards $56-$58 levels, watch for topping then slow fade back to lows, higher it pops better the range for us

6) $QRVO great news 90 day license from DOC to work with Huawei (61.27)
Stock Gapping up +$2 like to see small pop at the open towards $64-$65 then look for a nice profit taking pullback to $61.50-$61.75 then bottom curl it then look to go LONG on it, if this pulls at open and gap fills simply long the stock should be fun for a nice rebound

7) $NDSN Earnings Miss (130.59)
Stock Gapping down – $4 NO MM’s on it I like to see PULL at the open towards $122-$123 and under then small pop for a few points on some short covering then top it off and slow fade it, if this at all pops at open towards $128-$129 would scale in short for an ALL DAY FADER on it

8) $NVDA Market up stock up (151.75)
Stock Gapping up +$3 like to take some short here small to $154 give it room to pop at the open towards $155-$156 then look for gap fill back down to $152.75 and under bottom curl it then slow all day move to the upside on it back to pre-market highs

9) $TTD Market up Stock up (198.17)
Stock Gapping up +$2.50 like to see short squeeze at the open towards $202-$204 then look for nice gap fill pull back back down to $196-$198 and under bottom curl then nice range play for 7-10 points to the upside on it

10) $TSLA Morgan Stanley out with a ridiculous $10PT STUPID (205.36)
Stock Gapping down -$7 I like to see this small pull at the open towards $195-$196.50 area or under let it bottom curl it then we nail it for a nice 4-6 point gap fill, more it pulls at the open better the range if this at all pushes through $202-$204 top it off then all day fader

Notable Calls:

$BA Gaping up on the idea that a Bird may have caused the accident +Market up good day for news like this for $BA (352.79) Keep in mind NEWS came from a source at $BA from what I hear
Gaping +$8 whether you believe or not believe look for the stock to push at the open towards $364-$367+ watch for topping then look for some gap fill to $355 and under, if this pulls at all at the open to $355 and under GO LONG LONG LONG and let this have a good day in it towards $370+

$SHOP Market up stock gaping up (267.19) Gaping up +$4 would like to see small pop at open to $272-$274 area then look to gap fill this back to $269-$270 and under if market holds stock should head back to $280+ with range for us

$BCRX Meets Phase 3 primary endpoint down -40% (7.50) Gaping down -$4 would nibble small at $3.75 area room to add at the open think the stock slowly rebounds back through $5 spot Give it room to add to $3.20 and under I like it to slowly short cover back through $5+


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