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1) $DARE Nice PR this morning think Chatrooms push this today (1.07)
Stock gapping up +.35 look for possible pop at open towards $2 or more then wait for topping then short it back down if this pulls at open and lower lows set in then this will just fade off and gap fill but I think the rooms are looking for a cheap stock to push out of the gate and the PR sounds nice on it

2) $CVRR Goldman Sachs upgrades to BUY rating with $37PT (17.35)
Stock Gapping up up +.65 would take a few long here at $18 room to add at the open pullback on it then look for a solid mmove to $20PT or more

3) ***********$QURE Leernik going crazy with $63PT from $26 WOWZA!!!! (28.96)
Stock Gapping up +$2 I love the call and the idea IF IF IF you want to take a few LONG now here at $30 spot just know it needs to gap fill first at least to $29.35 and under then look to go long on it. Either way this should see $34-$35 on it today or tomorrow

4) $PTLA Oppenheimer out big with $80PT also Citi out $64PT only MS out neg with $46PT so be wary of that (42.44)
Stock Gapping up +$2.10 I would short this and fill the gap back down to $43 and under then look for bottom curl and look for this to move towards $48+ on these calls, just be wary of MS call, (personally think MS is pissed they missed the big move from $29)

5) $TSEM Earnings Miss (27.54) CC in 1 hour so be aware
Stock Gapping down -$5 think this will slide into the call another buck or 2 then the call will pop it back to $24.50-$25.50 area then call will finish then look for all day fader, remember this is already down -$5 points so expect some sort of pop on some short covering before going crazy on the short for more downside

6) $SHAK JPM out with a downgrade to Underweight $49 PT (55.95)
Stock Gapping down -$1 I would like to see small pop at open towards $56+ then watch for topping I think today as I mentioned on Friday today would be the day this slides back, so just wait for it to top off then slow all day fader on it

7) $MSCC Gapping up on Notable PR (65.60) No analyst upgrading the news on it
Stock Gapping up +$2.40 I would consider scaling in some short here at $68 room to $70 at the open let it top off then look for the nice gap fill back to $66.25 and under then bottom curl on it then look for slow move to the upside on it after the gap fill

8) $TSN Misses by 4 cents gudies in-line (66.97)
Stock Gapping down -$4 most likely imo this is simply a long at $63 spot slow all day move back to $66 or more, this gapped up to $69 a few hours ago so I think possibly slow fader back to highs, HOWEVER call is going on right now if this dips after the call to $61 spot or under I would load up a few long for sure and let it run back thru $63-$64 Let it set up for you

9) $ANET Gapping up on Fridays cranage (245.05) NOTE: No upgrades on it
Stock Gapping up +$3 I would grab a few short at $248 level room to $250 at the open then look for a nice gap fill pullback on it to $245 and under then bottom curl then slow mover back above $248-$250

10) *****$ILMN Barclays out with $300 PT from $235 (244.82)
Stock Gapping up +$6 on this call, I like to fill the gap on this at least to $246 on it, so if you want to take a few short at $250 spot have room to add at the open to $254-$255 then top it off then look for a nice gap fill to $246 on it then bottom curl then slow long all day to the upside to close above $255 whats it gets going

Notable Calls:

$CGNX Downgrade from JP Morgan $42PT (47.17) I would consider taking a few short here at $46.50 area room to add at the open then look for a nice slow fader to $44 and under on it today. If this pulls hard at open to $44.50 spot cover your short and let it slowly ride it back and fill the gap before shorting it again

$TSLA Gapping up Huge this morning on comments from BH Summit (294.09) Up plus +$8 I like to see a sell off into $296 and under on it before going long a few, Just want some decent pullback before it takes off again if it hits $297 nibble a few give it range and look for a push back to $302+ I told you all last week to buy the 295 Calls and give it 1 week stock hit $302+ this morning from $280

$TVIX LONG a few at $6.65 this morning (6.61) I don’t think this 100 point pop this morning will hold up, but I like this to get thru $7+ today on any downside on the market. I will ad all the way to $5.90 if it comes today