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1) $SBOT Positive results from KLH (1.65)
Stock Gapping up +.50 look for a move to $3-$3.50 spot on it at the open lots of eyes on this so this should squeeze has the volume on it and low floater and has range higher it goes better the fade for all of us imo let shave some fun with it

2) $CASI This should be just an all day fader off the news imo (7.34)
Stock Gapping up +$1 if this pops at all thru $9 spot watch for topping on it then look for a nice all day slow fader on it back to lows imo

3) $GGAL Gapping up on MSCI news (38.10)
Stock Gapping up +$4 look for small pop at the open maybe we see $43+ look to scale in short on it and gap fill it back down to $39 and under on it for an all fader gap fill it

4) $KR Earnings Beat raises guidance (26.18) I told you all they would beat into earnings and they did
Stock Gapping up +$2 Typically KR likes to sell off there earnings so look for this to pop and fade off on profit taking to $26.50 and under, if this simply sells off at the open look for those areas to go long on it Higher it pops if it does better the fade for us

5) $HRTX Phase 2 Primary Endpoint Met (30.70)
Stock Gapping up +10 I like this I played a few myself at $38 for 1.5 points, so look for this to possibly pop MORE at open maybe even $43-$45 at the open then look for this to sell off some maybe we get $35-$37 on it, if this pulls at open hard then look for the bottom curl around those areas to go long, this is a phase 2b Primary endpoint

6) *******$ALKS Morgan Stanley out with a $42 PT from $67 sell rating (51.36) THIS is a SHORT
Stock Gapping down -$3 on this, Look for this to pull some at the open maybe we see $46 and under then gap fill it on short covering back to $50+ spot, I want to short this Traders but I need at least $50-$51 area for me to get in, so I will be patient and wait for my entry but more it pulls look for shorts to cover at the open imo

7) ******$LITE Goldman Sachs out with a BUY rating and $79 PT from $72 (56.50)
Stock Gapping up +$2 points, I like the call, so let it rip if it does at the open then look to gap fill it back down to $57 and under then look to go long on it, if this pulls at the open to $57 and under I am a BUYER for an all fader slow move to the upside

8) ****$TJX UBS out with a SELL rating and $87 PT (96.72) took a few myself will give it room to $98 if it pops
Stock Gapping none, I like this to small pop at open then look to fade this down to $92-$93 on this call, TJX has had a great run up for quite a bit, I think UBS is looking to calm it down a bit, more it pops at the open IF it does better the short for us, if this pulls at open 2 points or more cover it then look for another opportunity

9) $DRI Earnings Beat (93.27)
Stock Gapping up +$12 I like the $106 area to start in short on then give it some room to $108 like the beat Traders but expect a small pullback on it to $95-$97 on Profit taking this has had a great ride so far so look for some profit taking to come up on it.

10) $LGND Argus out HUGE with a $260 PT (199.15) Note this has had a small run already last few days
Stock Gapping up none, no market makers on it yet traders I think this will pop at open maybe $205+ area then look for a decent pullback on it, I would prefer $195-$197 because of the run up on it then look to go long on it for an all day slow move back to highs. I would consider buying 220 Calls on this even 225 July Calls on this upgrade its pretty significant

Notable Calls:

$BDX JPM out this morning with a $275 PT from $250 (230.12) I would expect a nice pop at the open to $235 or so then gap fill it back to $232 area if you can get some around there or $230 then look for this to have a solid all day move towards $240 on this call I like this from JPM

$SRPT Continuation plus Baird out with there own +202 PT from $120 (153.30) Gapping up +$3 on the Baird upgrade would look to go long this and pop it maybe to $155-$160 then gap fill it back down and look for a nice play off the bottom curl

$MU Earnings Beat (58.95) this one I said take into close, they Beat stock up +$3 I like to see this squeeze a little more at the open get thru $62+ then take some short then look to fade it back down to $60 and under on profit taking then look to go long some


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