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1) *******$CNCE SunTrust out with BUY rating and $30 PT (10.91) #SWING IDEA
Stock Gaping up +.90 would be BUYING anything under $11.75 add in dips on the gap fill build nice position looking for the stock to hit $13-$15 either today or next few days. Should be fun

2) $NERV announce clinical trial positive results (4.23)
Stock Gapping up +$2 towards $8-$9+ then top it off then slow all day fader back to $6.50-$7.50 let it rip don’t get in to soon, and it must break $7 for the nice flush

3) $AMAG Receives FDA approval on Vylessi (8.97)
Stock Gapping up +2 I like to see gap fill back to $9-$9.15 and under then slow move back towards Pre-Market highs just watch the buyer come in at the $9.50 level and see if we get back to $10.50+ more it pulls better the range for us to the upside on it

4) $ERI They are buying $CZR and all their debt (51.22)
Stock Gapping down -$6 would nibble small $46 level room to $44 watch for bottom curl then slow all day move towards $48-$49+ more it pulls better the range for us to the upside. They are also buying $CZR debt hence why the stock is pulling hard today but I’m looking for a decent range bounce on it

5) $KRYS Positive Phase 1 and Phase 2 results WOW!!! (29.15)
Stock Gapping up +$6 like to see this run to $40-$45+ at the open from $36 its up thin, so let it rip more it goes the better, I wouldn’t even be surprised to see $50 touch, if that happens be careful on the short side, this must break through on a 2-3 point pull before you try short its a thins stock small float so be careful let it rip then short accordingly

6) $CCL continued weakness from Friday (46.63)
Stock Gapping down -$1.40 would like to see a little more sell off to $45 and under at the open bottom curl then slow 1-1.5 move to the upside, more it pulls better the range for us to the upside, if this pops at opn and short covers to $46-$46.25+ area scale in short all day fader back to lows

7) $BMY Results for Checkmate -459 not impressive (49.34)
Stock Gapping down -$2 If this pops at open through $48-$48.50 stock will simply grind out from their, if this yanks hard I would like to see $45-$46 on the handle then bottom curl then SLOW all day move to the upside

8) $ARGX on Friday they Unveil new pipeline Candidates (140.15)
Stock Gapping +$2 thin. Look for a little more pop at the open towards $144-$146 then gap fill it back to $141-$142 and under bottom curl it then slow all day move back to highs, if this pulls at the open hard and gap fills to $140-$141 bottom curl it then go long on it

9) $SPOT Evercore downgrades the stock to Underperform gives $110 PT from $125 (148.31)
Stock Gapping down -$6 like to see a little pull at the open towards $140 and under bottom curl then quick pop for 3-5 points on short covering then slow fader, if this pushes at open watch the $145-$147 area then scale in short look for all day fader on it

10) $BYND another day of volatility (154.13)
Stock Gapping down -$2 like to see small pop at the open and gap fill to $153-$155 then look for another potential day of selling off, like to see $140-$142 on the stock today, if this yanks hard at the open watch the $145-$147 area to bounce it then look to fade it after topping

Notable Calls:

$QURE Gapping down on $BMY news (82.19) Gaping down -$4 would like to gap fill at the open towards $81-$82 top it off then slow fader back to lows, if this yanks again at the open to $77-$78 go long and bounce it 2-4 points

$WORK Gapping down on Market Flat (37.22) Gaping down -$1 would nibble a few LONG $36.45 area room to $35.50 look for the stock to pop rebound back to $37-$38 then slow fader, more it pulls at the open better the range for us to the upside for quick money trade