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1) $BLUE Gapping down over 10 points on Data, However Multiple PT increase including $300+ Goldman Sachs
Stock Gapping down -10 took some long at $174.50 room to add at the open expect this stock to run up all day long back to $182 or more IMO this will be bought up today all the way to $190+ Enjoy

2) $ZYME Wells Fargo Tagged a $37 PT on this from $22 (21.86)
Stock Gapping down -1.86 take a few long at $20 room to add at the open think this recovers back to $22-$23+ based on Wells Fargo notes, they really like the stock

3) $PBR Think we see $11+ on this, replaced the CEO quick this weekend with a Long Term CFO (10.13)
Stock Gapping up +.30 think we see a nice run thru $11 on this today, so consider buying the weakness imo

4) $JNCE Multiple Downgrades this morning all around -$10 and under (11.23)
Stock Gapping down -$2.75 would take some LONG below $9 look for a nice pop at the open towards $10+ then look for a nice sell off on it an an all day fader

5) $IQ Gapping up (28.46)
Stock Gapping up +$1.5 would consider taking some short here at $29.50 room to add at the open then look for some gap fill sell off on it for .50-$1.00 or more cover then let it ride back up

6) $NKTR Missed on Data and Presentation Many defenses BUT with PT reductions (90.50)
Stock Gapping down -$28 I’m looking for shorts to cover on this possibly to $68-$70 if they don’t and selling comes in look for a nice 10-15 point drop more. I will be taking some long at $55 and give it room to $50 and hold I think a 50% haircut will be too much on it

7) $GHDX Gapping up HUGE on a article (39.68)
Stock Gapping up +$11 Took a few short at $46 with room to add at the open simply looking for a $42 or under gap fill and nothing more, article gap ups tend to get gap filled and dont hold

8) $FIVE NOTE ****NOTE**** JPMorgan Raising PT ahead of Earnings to $87 (71.39)
Stock Gapping up +$2.50 watch for the pop at open towards $74 lean into it short and look for a nice gap fill short back down to $72 and under on Profit taking then look for a nice bottom curl then look to go long on it would swing a few 80 Calls

9) $WHR Credit Suisse out with a $195 PT increase (145.31)
Stock Gapping up +$5 I like the call and the upgrade would consider taking a few short at the open if it pops thru $152 would consider adding to it and look for a nice gap fill to $147 and under then look to go long on it. WHR tends to give back their gap ups on upgrades

10) $LOXO Great Data Presented over the weekend PT increases JMP $221 MS $215 Stifle $225 Citi $235 (186.69)
Stock Gapping up +$18 I like this gap up and push however its up a little too much so I’m going to start with $214 with room to $218-$220 think this gives back some to $200 and under then look to go long, There’s a difference on Positive Data speeches vs. actual primary endpoints met imo

Notable Calls:

$VSAR Enters a Merger Agreement to form a clinical stage Bio (1.45) Imo this is nothing more then a pop and fade, so be careful, if this does run thru $2+ at the opening watch for topping and simply look for this to gap fill.

$NTLA Gapping up on crazy PR (25.45) showing $27 right now, whatever this opens above $26.50-$27+ consider it a short imo, NTLA can never hold its gains be aware of that, any pop just short into

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