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1) $AVGO “In Talks to buy $SYMC (295.33) I’m in talks to Trade today??? WTF
Stock Gaping down -$12 imo this is a BUYING opportunity would consider taking LONG small at $283.50 looking for the stock to rebound back at least to $290+++ If this yanks at the open smile and buy the weakness anything $280-$281 is a Buying opportunity

2) $CGC Gaping down on CEO being fired (40.08) This is Great for the Company
Stock Gaping down -$2.5 this Morning, Mad props to Janni Moore calling out LONG and to buy the weakness, think the stock has a decent run into it Now $STZ can do what they need to do I’d like to see a little more run towards $40.50-$41+ then 1-1.5 point pullback then bottom curl then slow all day move back to highs

3) $SYMC in Talks to Be bought by $AVGO (22.10) I’m in Talks to drink coffee today
Stock Gaping up +$3.5 To me this is nothing more then a gap fill short to $23 area and under. Unless the deal is on the table this is nothing more then rumorville imo if it snaps $24.50 at the open we see $23 for sure. If this pops at the open at all back to $26-$27 watch for topping then lean into it short for slow all day move to the downside

4) $SCL RBC out with a $21PT???? $21PT???? (92.03)
Stock Gaping none, I think honestly this is a misprint. So why I have it here is just in case we get an over reaction at the open and this pulls hard to $87-$89 area the open then we can bounce it and buy the weakness More it pulls better the range to the upside

5) $AYI Oppenheimer out with increase in PT to $150 from $145 BUY the weakness (129.94)
Stock Gaping flat I would nibble small at the open, let it push through $130-$130.50 when it does stock should give us room to $135-$138 area. Think this re-coups today back to $135-$137+ with Oppenheimer’s Notes to BUY the weakness and yesterdays sell-off was over done If this pulls at the open to $125 area watch for bottom curl and scale in long and buy the weakness

6) $NUS Getting hit on USNA numbers (48.13)
Stock Gaping down -$1.5 remember $NUS didn’t do anything, I’d like to see this actually sell off at the open under $45-$46 area then rebound and fill its gap back up, if this pushes at the open look for $47.80+ tops then look to top it off and fade it

7) $USNA Horrific Guidance, Big Miss…..However USNA always gets bought up (76.72)
Stock Gaping down -$15 I would nibble a few long at $62 area room to $59 at the open like to see this recover back to $68-$70+ then top it off then look to short the stock for all day fader on it. If this pop at open on short cover sell into it then look to fade it after it tops off. Should be fun

8) $DXCM No significant news showing on the stock (145.67)
Stock Gaping ++4.5 simply would like to see this gap fill back to $146.05 and under at the open then bottom curl it then slow move back to highs If this dumps right at the open nibble long the $146 area and under bottom curl it then slow move back to pre-market highs

9) $BYND another day in it for us (149.71)
Stock Gaping up +$1.50 like to see small pop at the open towards $152+ then short it today like to see $142-$145 on it, then bottom curl it then slow move back to $149-$151 more it pulls better the range to the upside

10) $TSLA Delivered more cars then predicted (224.55)
Stock Gaping up +$15 I would prefer to see this small pop at the open again to $242-$245+ if it comes then look for profit taking sell-off to $232-$235 and under, If this pulls to $238 at the open we should get the $232-$235 on it for quick money before it pushes back up again.

Notable Calls:

$AMRN HC Garbagewright is out with $51 PT (22.37) Like to see this have another run it it today towards $23.50-$24+ Think they will be doing an offering soon to cash out so looking for upgrades. If this pulls at open under $22 bottom curl it then look to long and get back to $22.80-$23+ more it pulls better the range to the upside. If you buy now make it a small starter

$ALV Gaping up don’t see any news on it (67.61) Gaping up +$1.30 would nibble some short at $68.70 area room to $70 look for this to gap fill back to $68 and under then bottom curl it then slow move to the upside on it back to pre-market highs