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1) $DDD JPM out with a SELL rating and $9.50 (12.41)
Stock Gapping down -.10 cents if you can get it I would be shorting now to $10 and under on this call

2) $SSYS JPM out with a SELL rating and $17 PT (19.29)
Stock Gapping none, no MM’s on it yet anything above $19 is an all day short imo to $18 and under

3) $SRAX Company selling a part of there division (5.60) former runner can get going if this breaks thru $6.50)
Stock Gapping $6.50 is the key imo so I will be watching for this level to break thru for a quick .50-$1 then look for an all day bleeder on it, if this pulls at open and gap fills to $5.65 and under go a few long and bounce it

4) $RDHL Phase 3 approval however Data isn’t all convincing to me (9.43) Taking a few LONG at $10.65 small
Stock Gapping up +7 Points I would like to see this sell off to $11 and under then see if we get a bottom curl on it, IMO this will be short lived I think the Data wasn’t all that compelling but it does warrant a small pop then all day fader so watch your size

5) $SOGO Earnings Miss and Guidance Miss (10.33)
Stock Gapping down -$1.25 I like to see this small pop at the open towards $10 spot then look to short this for an all day slow move to the downside, if this pulls at open to $8.50 and under go LONG and look to bounce it

6) $SOHU Earnings Miss lowers guidance (30.53) Taking a few long at $25.13 small amount for bouncer
Stock Gapping down -$5.30 I like to see this gap fill 1-2 points at the open for quick money then all day fader on it, if this yanks at open to $23 and under I will add to my position, I have played $SOHU every quarter and they tend to fill a little gap before fading off to lower lows, Lets see how it opens

7) $T BofA out with a nice BUY rating and a $37 PT (31.08) Took a starter at $31.40 area will add on dips
Stock Gapping up +.30 right now, not a lot of risk on this upgrade will simply add on dips looking for a slow all day mover to $33 on it for a slow mover.

8) $TSN Earnings Miss and lowers guidance (63.56)
Stock Gapping down -$3 2 ways to play this, this will pop and edge at open to $62+ before beginning to fade off for the day, or this yanks at open hard to $58 level and we go long. NOTE: $TSN tends to fill there gaps on weakness so watch for the pop imo

9) $HCA JPM out this morning with a HUGE $151 PT from $110 (124.15) Grabbed a small amount at $124.43
Stock Gapping up .35 cents I like the PT upgrade just looking for a quick pop at open to sell into maybe get 1-3 points then fade off, this has made a big move already in the last few days but I like it for a decent pop if this yanks at open to $122 I will add on the dip and bottom curl it

10) $CAT Earnings Beat Raises Guidance (142.56)
Stock Gapping up +5 I like to see some sort of Pop at the open and squeeze some shorts to $150 on it before giving back some, IF hits does sell off at the open then look for the $143.50 level to go long on it for an all day slow move to the upside. But I would prefer the squeeze on it first

Notable Calls:

$TWTR JPM out with a BUY the weakness report lowered PT from $50 to $45 (34.12) However I am seeing a few more other analyst cutting the stock and PT (34.12) Took a few at $34.15 will add on dips just looking for .50-$1.00 on the move. Nothing more. If it pops at the open and I get the rest of what I want I will be out of it.

$ULTI RBC out this morning with a BUY rating and $335 PT (282.74) NO MM’s on the stock yet, so look for a pop at the open to $285 on it then look for a nice pullback gap fill bottom curl. I like the upgrade ahead of #Earnings so look for maybe to buy some 300 August Calls on it

$SNCR Stifle out with a SELL rating and a $3 PT (5.40) let this open anything above $5.25 is a short opportunity so careful on the long side imo this is not but a sell off all day lower imo


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