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1) $FATE Citi out with a $20 PT (8.93)
Stock Gapping up +.65 you can take a few but I would wait for pop at open to $10 spot or more then wait for the pullback gap fill to $9 $9.10 and under then look to go long on it for slow all day move to the upside

2) $DBD Earnings Miss (11.30)
Stock Gapping down -$3+ I like to see a pull at open to $7.40-$7.50 and under then go long and bounce it for a quick .50 to $1.00 then be done with it. Should be fast if it hits $7 I would play it again. This imo is down a little too much

3) $GDS Strong Rebuttal and Credit Suisse out with $47 PT Outperform (21.83)
Stock Gapping up +$1.5 I am a BUYER at $23 and $23.50 look for a solid move to $27-$28 either before or at the open either way this is going to fly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go get it and go back to bed……But after you tweet Thank you

4) $SYNA Gapping down on deal gone south with DLGNF (50.11)
Stock Gapping down -$5.50 I am a buyer at $44.50 looking for a move to $47-$48 at the open the all day grinder

5) $LITE Gapping up on $AAPL Earnings (52.25) SHORT this gap up
Stock Gapping up +1.75 would nibble short add on any pop at the open towards $54-$55 then look for a complete gap fill to $52.50 and under then bottom curl then look to go long on it

6) $AKAM Earnings miss (75.26)
Stock Gapping down -$5 if this makes a pull at the open look for a move to $68-$69 I would be a buyer then slow move to the upside on it. If you want to take a few now, you may but nibble once this bottom sets in it will move!

7) $MOH Earnings Beat (104.09)
Stock Gapping up +20 I would nibble a few short here at $120 room to $123 at the open then look for some gap fill sell off to $110 and under, I like the beat but think this is up way too much more it pops better the fade for all of us.

8) $SODA Earnings Blow-Out I mean BLOW OUT (87.30)
Stock Gapping up +17 I like to see this pop a little more at the open maybe get thru $110+ if it does nibble some short and look for a nice gap fill profit taking sell off to $95 and under. In the end I ike to squeeze it and then fade it.

9) $BIDU Google making noise may open up similar site in China (247.18)
Stock Gapping down -$20 I would be taking some long at $230 area add on dips if they come think we see $240+ on the stock, if this dumps at open to $227 and under I am a buyer!!!

10) $CMG More calm today and the Ohio restaurant has re-opened like to see this recover back to $445-$450 slow (433.36)
Stock Gapping up +$2 I like to see this pop at open and have a slow grinder to $440+ Think over the next few days this will reach back to $460 so take your time with it maybe buy August 15 460 Calls and let it grind up

Notable Calls:

$AAPL Earnings Beat all around (190.29) Gapping up almost +10 I like the beat like to get a little more at the open then look for a nice short sell off on profit taking to $195 and under. When $AAPL beats they tend to fill half there gaps so be wary of that. I like to see $202+ on it then begin to fade. BUT if you want to start now, I’m ok as long as you nibble

$IQ Mixed Earnings should run today (32.02) Gapping even at $32 would go long add on any pullback and look for a nice slow move to $35+ on this today. If this yanks at the open to $31 area again and under go long. This should have a lot of room to run

$TSLA said to be planning to invest 5 billion for Chinese Factory (298.14) Would take a few here at $298 LONG add on dips think this news is BS but with the market green today perfect timing for a quick 5-10 dollar bounce at the open, if this pulls at open now worries it will get bought up real quick off the bottom


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